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(engineering acoustics)
Removing material from the surface of a disk recording medium to obtain a new recording surface.
(mechanical engineering)
Cutting off a thin layer from the surface of a workpiece.
Trimming uneven edges from stampings, forgings, and tubing.



in gear cutting, the finishing of untempered teeth on gear wheels by cutting thin chips with a shaver. Gear shaving is carried out on gear-shaving machines. It produces surfaces with an accuracy up to class 6 and a surface roughness up to class 8.

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Anthony Logistics Razor Burn Repair pounds 22, available at Mankind.
A salve is then used for razor burn relief and an aromatic balm completes the process - as opposed to aftershave.
It calms the skin and soothes small nicks and razor burn.
It includes a 50ml multi-action face wash, 100ml maximum comfort shave, 50ml razor burn relief ultra and 50ml instant moisture gel, all packaged in a dual compartment toiletries bag in signature Lab Series style.
The best part about the Jason system is that it protects against razor burn by eliminating harsh chemicals that would usually irritate skin after shaving.
Shaving every day aggravates a man's skin - apart from razor burn and discomfort, shaving destroys the skin's protective layer, leaving it dehydrated and more vulnerable.
If you shave upward, against the hair, you'll get ingrowns (ugly) and razor burn (ouch).
Pinfold has penned a clever book, but the price stings like razor burn.
Their Multi-Benefit Intensive Shave Gel is a concentrated formula which includes Aloe Vera and vitamins A and E to soothe, condition and protect the skin, and lubrication to help reduce razor burn.
Lynx Skin Systeme Moisturing Shaving Gel or Foam both have a unique combination of advanced lubricants and moisturising actives to help provide an excellent shave and reduce razor burn.
Bikini Soft Smooth Shave Oil provides the ultimate shaving experience in providing a smooth, close, clean shave that reduces nicks and cuts while eliminating razor burn and skin irritation.
Suitable for both men and women, the Shave Butter is an all-in-one shave cream and moisturizing after-balm that softens stubble, reduces razor burn, and leaves skin feeling refreshingly hydrated.