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(engineering acoustics)
Removing material from the surface of a disk recording medium to obtain a new recording surface.
(mechanical engineering)
Cutting off a thin layer from the surface of a workpiece.
Trimming uneven edges from stampings, forgings, and tubing.



in gear cutting, the finishing of untempered teeth on gear wheels by cutting thin chips with a shaver. Gear shaving is carried out on gear-shaving machines. It produces surfaces with an accuracy up to class 6 and a surface roughness up to class 8.

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It's transparent and lightweight, so you can see every whisker for fewer nicks and cuts, while the natural oils moisturize and help reduce razor burn," she says.
Check out the Y-chromosome Facial, which targets razor burn and ingrown hairs, or the Fully-Charged Facial, an antigravity treatment using a minute electrical current to lift and tone facial muscles.
The face scrub, shave cream, aftershave balm and aftershave contain flaxseed lignan extract to prevent razor burn, witch hazel to tighten pores, and oat protein and organic aloe vera to soothe and hydrate.
Never shave dry skin because it can cause razor burn.
Apart from razor burn and discomfort, shaving destroys the skin's protective layer, leaving it dehydrated and more vulnerable.
Maybe I could have threatened to give the pilot razor burn.
The water-based moisturiser is targeted at those who suffer from dry skin caused by shaving, and the soothing gel, which contains witch-hazel, is aimed at those who suffer from soreness and redness caused by razor burn.
In the new book ``The Art of Shaving'' (Clarkson Potter; $17), Myriam Zaoui and Eric Malka share tips on choosing the correct brush, razor and blade and avoiding nicks, ingrown hairs and razor burn.
The new Fresh range promises to invigorate and restore both the skin and the senses, while the Mild range protects against razor burn, skin irritations and moisture loss.
Just grit your teeth, do the deed and your bikini line will be hair-free for weeks - no ugly stubble rash or razor burn.
Insert a tube of Nivea for Men behind the snap-off cover and press the button down while shaving, producing a cream that conditions the beard for a close, comfortable shave and virtually eliminates razor burn.