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A roll-your-own database, created in the Unix toolkit philosophy. It appears to be written in the awk language, and is very compatible with awk. It uses awk's syntax and can be combined with awk commands.

The definitive introduction is "Unix Relational Database Management: Application Development in the Unix Environment", by Rod Manis, Evan Schaeffer, and Robert Jorgensen, published by Prentice Hall. The book tells how to use rdb to create database/spreadsheets in the awk tradition, only easier. It's a good way to get into programming for novices. It's also a good way to learn DB theory and construction quite painlessly.
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As "Variacoes sobre o Homem Cordial", de Ricardo, e a resposta em forma de "Carta a Cassiano Ricardo" sao anexadas a terceira edicao de RdB, de 1956.
The profile of BAS was consistent in shape throughout the observation period, whereas RDB exhibited occasional fluctuations in morphology of the intertidal zone resulting in pools and irregular berm edges.
The result points out physisorption are much more favorable for the adsorption of RDB and the endothermic nature of adsorption [12-14].
BIG STAR ATTRACTIONS: Panjabi MC (top), RDB (above) and Estelle (right) all feature in Warwick University's One World Week which is open to the public
Using the RDB method and SSCP analysis, we analyzed 63 individuals referred to our center for molecular analysis of WD.
For optimization, short wild-type (WT) and mutant-type (MT) fragments were generated for each mutation by PCR with the RDB oligonucleotide that detects the mutation of interest as an amplification primer together with the biotinylated PCR primer normally used for amplification of the fragment (Table 1) [15,16].
RDB has performed several of his ballets in an unbroken tradition since the beginning of the 19th century.
The video recording of Bournonville's schools has been a longstanding wish of RDB artistic director Frank Andersen.
The modernism carries over into former RDB dancer Dinna Bjorn's restaging of Act II, set in an undersea grotto, where more than a tinge of Freud is expressed in the sea demon Golfo's presumed awakening of Teresina's dark side.
The following main tasks will be performed: inventory survey and condition report on state roads and entry of the correct data with the right quantities into the database, design of road database (RDB) and pavement maintenance and management system (PMMS), provision of all software for implementing the RDB and PMMS, training of staff within Directorate for Transport to ensure the continued locally self-sustainable operation of the RDB.
In the first four years after he stopped performing, he choreographed for RDB, NYCB and companies in Brazil, Slovenia, Flanders, Norway, and Japan.