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An internal DOS/Windows command that changes the name of files and folders. Rename and Ren are two forms of the command. To change from ABC.DOC to XYZ.DOC, type:



Folders can be renamed from one level higher or from somewhere else. If ROCK1 is a subfolder in MUSIC, it can be renamed ROCK2, as follows:
  C:\MUSIC>rename rock1 rock2
  C:\WORK>rename \music\rock1 rock2

If there is a mix of upper and lower case extensions, the Rename command can make them the same. To make all GIFs upper case GIF, type:
rename *.gif *.GIF
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Michael's proud mum and dad, Julie and Paul, and nan, Aggie Johnson, watched him officially re-name the train, which was previously known as Virgin Harrier.
More precisely re-name our country and walk down the road from which there is no turning back for the people and for the country.
Auto Business News-December 10, 2015--Porsche AG to re-name Boxster and Cayman
Plaid Cymru candidate Sian Gwenllian said: "I am very disappointed and indeed mystified that MBI has apparently reverted to referring to Plas Glynllifon as Wynnborn in its marketing publicity, despite reassurances from the company last week that there was no intention to re-name the old mansion.
But reports suggest the banking giant will re-name the ring-fenced division 'Midland Bank',' reviving a name first established in Union Street in 1836, more than 150 years before it was taken over by HSBC.
But Labour leader Ed Miliband blasted: "We don't need to re-name zero hours contracts.
We could also re-name the Six Nations Championship the Four Nations and the other two bits of England Championship!
A judge told Twentieth Century Fox that it had to re-name the series in Britain, though the order won't take effect until an appeal has been heard.
"We have lost a true gentleman but he will never be forgotten and everyone at the club is immensely proud to re-name the stand in his honour."
The Cabinet, on Wednesday decided to re-name the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance to the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Social Welfare to better reflect its mandate, an announcement said.
CHARLOTTE -- NBA great Michael Jordan wants to get Charlotte buzzing again, applying to the NBA to re-name his Charlotte Bobcats the Hornets.