Read-Only Memory

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read-only memory

[′rēd ¦ōn·lē ′mem·rē]
(computer science)
A device for storing data in permanent, or nonerasable, form; usually a static electronic or magnetic device allowing extremely rapid access to data. Abbreviated ROM. Also known as read-only storage.

Read-Only Memory

(ROM) A type of data storage device which is manufactured with fixed contents. In its most general sense, the term might be used for any storage system whose contents cannot be altered, such as a gramophone record or a printed book; however, the term is most often applied to semiconductor integrated circuit memories, of which there are several types, and CD-ROM.

ROM is inherently non-volatile storage - it retains its contents even when the power is switched off, in contrast to RAM.

ROM is often used to hold programs for embedded systems since these usually have a fixed purpose. ROM is also used for storage of the lowest level bootstrap software (firmware) in a computer.

See also Programmable Read-Only Memory.
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ROM (read only memory): Memory consisting of chips that store data that cannot be changed, expanded or erased and was installed when the chips were manufactured.
The new TMP1942 employs a MIPS-based TX19 core that enables high code efficiency and has on-chip read only memory (ROM) and random access memory (RAM) that can be accessed in a single-clock cycle.
Random Access Memory (RAM) and Read Only Memory (ROM) have been used for temporary storage of rapidly changing data (RAM) and permanent storage of small amounts of data (ROM).
Make way for CD-ROM (Compact Disk Read Only Memory) drives as an escape from the cluttered world of hard drives.
Jointly developed with Advanced Micro Devices, the 32Mb dual-operation MBM29DS323XX series offers simultaneous read, write and erase functions and a 64Kb hi-ROM (Hidden Read Only Memory) for storing an Electronic Serial Number to prevent illegal copying of the memory contents.
CD-ROM: Compact Disc Read Only Memory. You can't record on the CD, you can only read the data stored on it.