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mind reading:

see parapsychologyparapsychology,
study of mental phenomena not explainable by accepted principles of science. The organized, scientific investigation of paranormal phenomena began with the foundation (1882) of the Society for Psychical Research in London.
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; telepathytelepathy,
supposed communication between two persons without recourse to the senses. The word was formulated in 1882 by Frederic William Henry Myers, English poet, essayist, and a leading founder of the Society for Psychical Research in London.
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The arrogance of reading minds. The truth of the matter is that no one knows the best time to call.
So, wait, more women believe in God because women are better at reading minds (aka playing God)?
Reading's current points tally of 39 is two greater than at the same stage of last term but recent results - a 3-1 defeat at Cardiff and a 1-0 loss at home to League One Stevenage in the FA Cup third round - may have sown a few seeds of doubts in Reading minds.
TV's 50 Greatest Magic Tricks (8.00pm) TV illusionists have been sawing ladies in half, reading minds and performing feats of escapology for decades.
A young dude loses innocence and gets cynical (that is, he comes of age) by reading minds.
But if they're close to reading minds, how long before they start changing minds?
From getting the audience to break a glass to pushing a pencil out of a personEoe1/4aos hand, just by staring at it for a few seconds to reading minds to telling astounded volunteers their mobile numbers, and guessing the name and the question, he has written on it from a paper folded, Deepak Rao did it all.
London, Oct 15 (ANI): Reading minds would soon be possible, thanks to British scientists who have developed a system that creates "brain to brain communication."
refills their coffee cups like she's reading minds. The rest of the
"The idea of reading minds would always be interesting to me," smiles Dwayne.
The 21 studies look at questions about the phenomenon; reading behavior, reading minds; reading one's own mind and other minds; language and other minds; and limits of mind-reading.
Readers coming to On the Shore of Nothingness with any expectation of seeing the kind of cognitive poetics that draws on the theories of, for example, Mark Turner (e.g., Reading Minds, The Literary Mind), or Gilles Fauconnier and Turner (e.g., The Way We Think) might be surprised to find no mention of them here, and only passing acknowledgement of George Lakoff's theory of conceptual metaphor, which Tsur considers "only a small part of the whole story" (318).