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real estate:

see propertyproperty,
rights to the enjoyment of things of economic value, whether the enjoyment is exclusive or shared, present or prospective. The rightful possession of such rights is called ownership.
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Real estate

Land and any improvements such as buildings and other site features.

real estate

Property in the form of land and all its appurtenances, such as buildings erected on it.

real estate

May be used for any critical resource measured in units of area. Most frequently used of "chip real estate", the area available for logic on the surface of an integrated circuit (see also nanoacre). May also be used of floor space in a dinosaur pen, or even space on a crowded desktop (whether physical or electronic).
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Avoiding real estate listing mistakes is a must whether you are an agent, broker or a home owner trying to sell your home on your own.
Florida real estate listings captured 33.03 percent of the international traffic recorded to all U.S.
We will continue to revise and improve the listings, and you can find up-to-date commercial real estate listings online at
DotHomes' machine-learning technology, which was developed by its parent company BytePlay, automatically works out how to extract the most relevant information from a real estate listing, even when this is provided in natural-language descriptions.
The company remains totally objective in the real estate listing field and receives no commissions on any real estate transactions.
Over 91 percent of the 19,000 residential real estate listings in the RLS are currently being syndicated via this program, surpassing our goal of 80 percent and representing one of the highest participation rates of any listing service in the country.
There were a total of 7,142 new Las Vegas real estate listings in March 2016, making the total active real estate listings in Las Vegas reach 23,246.
Tenders are invited for Framework agreement for media dissemination of real estate listings
Zillow provides vital information about homes, real estate listings and mortgages through its website and mobile applications.
Online real estate listings company Move Inc (NASDAQ:MOVE) yesterday announced an agreement with web services company AOL Inc (NYSE:AOL) which gives Move exclusive rights to power the AOL Real Estate homes for sale search experience.
Real estate listings Web site StreetEasy is planning to launch a new iPad application in late fall, according to CEO Michael Smith.
"As a solution, small market papers can now elect to have all of their real estate listings -- whether its an open house or a rental -- plotted on one map, making it a more cost-effective option," Rachel Samson, small market sales manager at Classified Concepts, said in a statement.

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