real estate

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real estate:

see propertyproperty,
rights to the enjoyment of things of economic value, whether the enjoyment is exclusive or shared, present or prospective. The rightful possession of such rights is called ownership.
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Real estate

Land and any improvements such as buildings and other site features.

real estate

Property in the form of land and all its appurtenances, such as buildings erected on it.

real estate

May be used for any critical resource measured in units of area. Most frequently used of "chip real estate", the area available for logic on the surface of an integrated circuit (see also nanoacre). May also be used of floor space in a dinosaur pen, or even space on a crowded desktop (whether physical or electronic).
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The real estate market today has very strong upper currents (low interest rates, high demand), forcing many real estate fundamentals to flow under (investment strategies, supply requirements).
When the real estate market became stabilized in 2002 and 2003 with about a 6-percent type of return, people started to consider: which is the better investment opportunity, 6 percent or zero?
Gary Gabriel, an investment sales broker for commercial property for Cushman & Wakefield in New Jersey, said that the threat to consumer spending from the current drooping real estate market is ratcheted up significantly by the prospect of the Fed having to use interest rate hikes to curb inflation.
In the following Q&A interview, Spencer Garfield, managing director of Hudson Realty Capital LLC (HRC), a real estate opportunity fund manager with $700 million in assets under management, and Karim Demirdache, director of HRC, look at trends in the commercial real estate market and discuss what's in store for lenders and investors going forward.

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