real-time operating system

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Real-Time Operating System

(operating system)
(RTOS) Any operating system where interrupts are guaranteed to be handled within a certain specified maximum time, thereby making it suitable for control of hardware in embedded systems and other time-critical applications. RTOS is not a specific product but a class of operating systems.

real-time operating system

A master control program that provides immediate responses to input signals and transactions. See real-time system, embedded system, embedded Linux, process control and OS-9.
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The company concentrates on three specific areas of the industry: realtime OS solutions, Internet service solutions, and multimedia service solutions.
Based on the robust architecture of the QNX realtime OS, Photon allows developers to create media-rich applications for even the smallest products, such as Internet appliances, consumer electronics, and hand-held medical instruments.
Engineers at both companies collaborated to preintegrate the high- performance QNX realtime OS with NetPlane's common LEAP architecture.
The E0C33A104 and the E0C33 family of products is supported by Epson's own ROS33, realtime OS, based on uITron 3.
By combining the reliability of a realtime OS with the productivity of a platform OS, we've delivered a platform that's great for embedding and for development.
Based on the QNX(R) Realtime OS and the Photon microGUI(R), it allows for rapid boot up from a power-off state thereby reducing reliance upon servers.
Like the QNX Realtime OS, the Espial product suite is small, proven, and highly customizable," said Jaison Dolvane, president of Espial Group.
By combining PersonalJava or EmbeddedJava technologies with the QNX Realtime OS, information appliance manufacturers gain a unique advantage: they no longer have to be locked into a single processor platform," said Linda Campbell, vice president of strategic alliances at QNX Software Systems.
StarWorks supports Microsoft Windows NT and UNIX-based platforms, including Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, and Pentium servers with Windows NT or Lynx Realtime OS.
Coiffet, "CRISTINE needed a realtime OS that's reliable and can handle multitasking.
It has also grown to be the recognized leader in realtime OS (RTOS) software for the x86 platform.
of Ottawa, Canada, the largest supplier of highly scalable, realtime OS software for x86 CPUs, is using Spyglass embedded Web technology in various applications for televisions, set-top boxes, PDAs, and other Internet appliances running the QNX operating system.

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