Rear Axle

Rear Axle


a group of subassemblies or a separate unit of a motor-vehicle chassis (such as an automobile and tractor) that transmits torque from the propellor shaft or directly from the gear box to the propelling mechanism.

In most motor vehicles the rear axle has a housing, tubes for the axle shafts, a final drive (including the differential with reduction gears), and the axle shafts. The final drive and axle shafts are part of the motor-vehicle transmission. Wheel brakes are mounted on the rear axle, as are the hubs for the wheels. The rear axle is joined to the frame or body of the motor vehicle (to the supporting body if the motor vehicle has no frame) by a suspension. When the rear wheels are independently suspended, the differential is attached directly to the frame of the motor vehicle, and in this case the pivoting axle shafts have ball-and-socket joints. The housing of the rear axle is a hollow supporting beam and is the axle of the automobile. The housings are cast of steel or malleable cast iron or are stamped and welded. The tubular casings of the axle shafts are pressed or welded into the housing of the rear axle and form a unit with it.

The rear axle housings can be made so they can be dismantled (vertically). A housing that can be dismantled consists of two parts joined by bolts. The final drive is in the middle, wide part of the housing. In a rear axle with a housing that cannot be dismantled, the final drive has a separate housing that is fastened by bolts to the middle part of the housing. The wide middle part of the housing reduces the road clearance of the motor vehicle and makes it necessary to increase the height of the floor. In order to decrease the dimensions of this part of the housing (which is especially important for heavyduty vehicles and for buses), the reduction gear of the final drive is made smaller by introducing additional, so-called wheel, gearing.


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One of them is connected to the internal combustion engine, and the second is located on the rear axle, ensuring the operation of the all-wheel drive system.
It is available with a choice of two and four wheel drive and an electronic-locking rear axle.
The active rear axle steering and the electronically controlled rear axle locking differential, in combination with the AMG Ride Control sports suspension, ensures the AMG GT C Roadster delivers dynamic performance at the highest level.
By modifying the hardware and software, the developers have also adapted the seven-speed dual clutch transmission in a transaxle arrangement at the rear axle to the new power level of the MercedesCaeAMG GT C Roadster.
When the ignition is off, Automatic Standby equalizes the suspension pressure, preventing the rear axle from being overloaded.
Even greater driving dynamics are optionally available with the AMG Ride Control suspension with adaptive adjustable damping, and the handling package with mechanical limited-slip differential on the rear axle.
Many of the vehicle directional dynamics characteristics indices of four wheeled automobiles in the linear range are dependent on both the front axle cornering stiffness and the rear axle cornering stiffness.
As this kind of vehicle lacks a suspension system, a swing bridge is set between the rear body and the rear axle so that each wheel will always touch the ground while driving to increase the driving force, as shown in Figure 1(b).
A sport differential acting on the rear axle is standard and enables active torque distribution between the inside and outside wheel.
A polyamide from BASF has been used to produce the world's first plastic transmission crossbeam for use in a rear axle subframe in Mercedes-Benz' S-Ciass vehicles.
The components of the new 4MATIC include the power take-off to the rear axle, which is integrated into the 7G-DCT automated dual clutch transmission, and the rear-axle gear unit with integrated, hydraulically actuated multi-disc clutch.
Hitch any load only to the tractor's drawbar or a three-point hitch mechanism, which are lower than the rear axle.