Recessed luminaire

Recessed luminaire

A luminaire recessed into a ceiling, so that its lower edge is flush with the ceiling, as compared with surface mounting.
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Luminaire, Recessed


a lighting device usually located under the ceiling of a room. It has the appearance of a practically continuous surface consisting of one or more translucent panels behind which light sources are positioned.

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recessed fixture

recessed fixture
A lighting fixture which is recessed into a ceiling so the lower edge of the fixture is flush with the ceiling.
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Although all of the electrical power input to the lighting system is eventually converted to heat, the transport of lighting energy is very complex, particularly for a recessed luminaire, involving all three heat transfer mechanisms--radiation, convection, and conduction--to two spaces, the conditioned space and the ceiling plenum.
Images or logos can be projected from a discrete recessed luminaire using the Myriad 4 Projector from Concord:marlin.
They are the first recessed luminaire family without a lens, diffuser or refractor.
Acuity Brands has introduced the P Series Recessed Luminaire Upgrade.
To this point, how much electrical energy is available--and at what voltage--dictate how the recessed luminaire should be constructed to prevent an electrical shock hazard or fire hazard.
The Peerless Mino Recessed luminaire installs seamlessly into 2 ft by 2 ft T-grid or screw slot grid ceilings and is also well suited for use in hard-surface applications.
* The term "LED driver" was added to sections covering "luminaire mounting," "equipment not integral with luminaire" and "recessed luminaire clearances."
Two-by-four recessed luminaires with volumetric distributions reduce glare and provide optimal light on walls, partitions and floors.
Ceiling installations typically consist of recessed luminaires or track-mounted wallwashers.