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a daily newspaper with supplements, the central organ of the Cadet party. It was published in St. Petersburg beginning in February 1906 under the actual editorship of P. N. Miliukov and I. V. Gessen; the publishers included I. B. Bak, V. D. Nabokov, and I. I. Petrunkevich. Rech’ was popular among the liberal bourgeois intelligentsia. After the February Revolution of 1917, it opposed the Bolsheviks. Rech’ was closed down by the Petrograd Military Revolutionary Committee on Oct. 26 (Nov. 8), 1917, after which it appeared under the names of Nasha rech’, Svobodnaia rech’, Vek, Novaia rech’, and Nash vek, maintaining its anti-Soviet orientation. It was finally closed down in August 1918.

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