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When its batteries start to run low the hi-tech cop, which can work eight hours straight, heads to the nearest recharging point.
The recharging point located at Movenpick Hotel Ibn Battuta Gate is one of only two available docks in Dubai that are located within a hotel.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-29 September 2009-Fortum, Ensto unveil recharging point for electric cars(C)1994-2009 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
That doesn't surprise me because it's a lot cheaper to install a recharging point, and petrol stations are closing almost as fast as pubs - a double disaster in my book.
He said: "The council has installed a sign more than 10 feet high which people can't read easily saying electric vehicle recharging point.
But finding a recharging point away from home has been discouraging motorists from buying electric vehicles.
Every home in Knockroon, Ayrshire, will have a recharging point outside.
The hatchback has a sporty design and a recharging point in the front of the car.
The problem is that the ability to recharge is dependent on the sole recharging point.
Other designs on show include a recharging point for an electric car, hooked into a lamp post and a bike hire scheme, specifically for the London 2012 Olympic village.
London is already pursuing this path, after city mayor Boris Johnson unveiled plans for a recharging point on every block.