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One who receives; receiver. E.g. "No recipient of the e-mail message will know about the other addressees who were listed in the BCC header."
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a human being or animal in which an organ, tissue, or cells from another organism have been transplanted. Transplantation is performed for therapeutic purposes, as in the case of blood transfusions and heart and kidney transplants. It is also carried out in order to study organ and cell functions; an example is the transplantation of bone marrow to animals that have been subjected to ionizing radiation. In addition, transplantation is sometimes performed for cosmetic purposes. The main conditions for the survival of foreign organs, tissues, or cells are the choice of a suitable donor and suppression of immunity in the recipient before the transplantation takes place. An organism with a surviving transplant is termed a chimera.


Moore, F. Istoriia peresadok organov. Moscow, 1973. (Translated from English.)
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One who receives. The person to whom an email message is sent is the recipient.
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To be received, let alone to be used, the code must be known and understood by the recipient. This requires prior agreement, that is, some communicate.
In this project, military officials will honor the recipients by visiting their former schools to unveil a small space for the heroes' memorabilia on display.
ICT scholarship recipients at Texas Southern University, in classes taught by Dr.
Matser, from the VU University Medical Center in the Amsterdam, and colleagues reported four cases of breast cancer transmission to transplant recipients from a single organ donor.
Ajab Hussain, district zakat committee chairman said that lists of all recipients have been prepared and computerized.
In a paired donation, two recipients receive a kidney from the other's donor to achieve a compatible blood type or HLA match.
and elsewhere have historically provided little incentive for recipients to experiment with returning to work, since recipients typically lose eligibility for benefits if they earn more than a modest amount.
3504 to perform certain acts normally required of employers to withhold Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) taxes owed by home care service recipients (T.D.
The infection source for immunocompromised patients, such as solid organ transplant recipients, is not always apparent and might result from reactivation of chronic infection after initiation of immunosuppressive therapy or transmission from the donor.
New onset diabetes mellitus after transplantation (NODAT) is a serious metabolic complication with a reported incidence of 10% to 36% in liver transplant recipients [1-8].