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in a postwar economy, the switch to the production of civilian output. Reconversion implies structural shifts in production, capital investments, and foreign trade turnover and, in most cases, the implementation of a monetary reform and a change in the legal regulation of the economy. The restoration and reconversion of the economy are concurrent processes. During reconversion there is a temporary decline in the absolute level of production.

In the capitalist countries reconversion is carried out spontaneously, in the context of an acute competitive struggle. Moreover, it is accompanied by rising unemployment associated with the decline in military orders. The monopolies maintain high prices for consumer goods, making it possible to pass on to the working people the expenditures associated with reconversion. After World War II (1939–45) the reconversion and restoration of the economies of Western Europe were accomplished primarily under the Marshall Plan, which led to the intensified export of American capital and the strengthening of US political influence. In the capitalist countries reconversion of the economy, which proved to be partial, was accompanied by militarization.

In the USSR and the other socialist countries the transition to a peacetime economy was made in conformity with a plan and, despite the colossal scale of wartime devastation, with minimal losses to the economy and in the shortest possible time.


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Keywords: productive reconversion, productive reconversion programs, competitiveness
The article presents the border region between Costa Rica and Nicaragua as an example of a Central American phenomenon: an intensive process of productive reconversion.
A taxpayer making a conversion or reconversion must satisfy the $100,000 modified AGI limitation, and a taxpayer transferring a contribution from one IRA to another IRA by means of a re-characterization must make the transfer on or before the due date for the taxable year of the contribution.
164), and reconversion policy tended to facilitate the movement of higher-skilled workers across industries.
Les dispositions de la presente circulaire dont l'objet concerne l'importation, la cession, la reconversion et la reexportation materielle des devises par les voyageurs non-residents entrent en vigueur a compter du premier decembre 2017 ".
Le lateral droit a d'ores et deja commence a penser a sa future reconversion.
Even as the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) upped the ante with its religious reconversion or ghar wapsi (home coming) programmes, a group of youngsters in Gujarat has launched a WhatsApp profile to promote the Sangh Parivar.
The RSS organisations are conducting a reconversion campaign targeting the minorities," the party said in a statement.
Le projet de reconversion du port de Tanger-ville, visite samedi par SM le Roi Mohammed VI, se concretise a un rythme soutenu pour etre operationnel en 2016, avec l'ambition de faire de la ville du Detroit une destination phare du tourisme de plaisance et de croisiere a l'echelle de la Mediterranee.
In Guatemala they have had experience in reconversion for 14 years.
La centrale de Fessenheim, qui est la plus ancienne de notre parc, sera fermee a la fin de l'annee 2016 dans des conditions qui garantiront la securite des approvisionnements de cette region, la reconversion du site et la preservation de tous les emplois", a explique le chef de l'Etat en ouverture d'une conference de deux jours sur l'avenir energetique et environnemental de la France.
El eje del debate propuesto gira en torno a tres conceptos clave de los procesos de liberalizacion: oportunidad, reconversion y vulnerabilidad.