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Record Library


a systematic collection of sound recordings, including musical, literary, documentary, and special instructional recordings; also, an institution or division of an institution responsible for the collection, special treatment, preservation, and release of such recordings. Government, public, and private record libraries may be generalized or specialized. Educational record libraries have become common in general-education schools (one of the first such schools was founded in the early 20th century in Paris), higher schools, and specialized secondary educational institutions, especially those specializing in music, the theater, pedagogy, and cultural-educational training.

The largest record libraries in the USSR are those of the State House of Broadcasting and Sound Recording, the Central State Archives of Sound Recordings, the All-Union Recording Studio, the Lenin State Library of the USSR, the All-Russian Theatrical Society, and the A. A. Bakhrushin Central Museum of the Theater (all in Moscow) and the Moscow and Leningrad conservatories. Abroad, the largest record libraries are those of the International Scientific Film Library in Brussels (Belgium), the record libraries of the German Academy of Sciences in Berlin and the German State Library in Berlin (German Democratic Republic), the Charles Cros Academy (France), the British Museum Library (Great Britain), and the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. (USA). Well-known foreign recording companies maintain unique collections of recordings. Large record libraries usually have divisions for original recordings.


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But he rejected her abuse claim, saying: "I've never been in the record library with her.
70s 1974 Because book prices had doubled during the previous decade, Newcastle Central Library was not able to get its hoped for record library. Though demand continued for a record service there was such an increased cost in books the library had difficulty meeting the standards laid down for book provision.
Some broadcast, others work to keep the station's record library or computer systems up-to-date or visit the wards, to discuss the music that patients would like to hear and some very famous media names reportedly started their career as hospital radio volunteers, people like broadcasters Chris Moyles, Ken Bruce and Simon Mayo and actor Philip Glenister among others.
He showed us his magnificent Bosendorfer piano--installed in his upper-floor living room by removing the picture window and lifting it by a crane--and gave us a tour of his record library and recording room.
There's information about his music and record library, and about his conducting and skills as a pianist.
The expansive White House Record Library collection includes Bob Dylan's Blood on the Tracks and Bruce Springsteen's Born to Run.
Topics include modeling data with the Active Record Library, setting up views with Action View and RHTNL templates, testing and de-bugging Rails applications, deploying applications with Mongrel and Apache, using the numerous Rails plug-ins, and more.
We gleaned this information from a brief mention in an ad published by English in the August 1891 issue of Mineralogist's Monthly, part of a very rare and fragmentary set in the Mineralogical Record Library.
By 1989 nearly 500 French municipal libraries had opened a Discotheque, with a record library, now superseded by CDs and DVDs.
Ross said: "I called up one day, a little like Keith did and asked if I could volunteer and ended up going from sorting out the record library to organising events for them.
The sources are arranged under the following headings: British Library, British Public Record Library, National Archives of Canada, Ontario Archives, and Published Secondary Sources.
Louis Globe-Democrat described KWK's record library as "one of the most complete in the nation," containing "11,000 single records and 700 albums." Five people worked in the station's music library, previewing every new record received to check "for any lyrics that might be offensive to listeners." And since recording tape was not widely used at that time, commercials were also recorded on acetate discs.