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An apparatus in which heat is conducted from the combustion products to incoming cooler air through a system of thin-walled ducts.



a surface heat exchanger for recovering the heat of waste gases, in which the heat exchange between the fluids occurs continuously through a wall. In contradistinction to a regenerator, the paths of the fluids do not change.

On the basis of the relative motion of the fluids, recuperators can be classified as counterfiow or parallel-flow. According to design they can be classified as tube, film cooler, thermo-sy-phon, or other type and according to use as preheaters of air, gases, or liquids, evaporative coolers, condensers, and so forth.

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After the bolt and barrel part company, the barrel is driven forward by its recuperator spring assembly inside the receiver.
These lines provide a revealing account of the Wordsworthian relationship to landscape, with its idealized presentation of the poet as prophet of the past, recuperator of lost stories, and, of course, with the anticipation of the piled-up stones of the sheepfold in "Michael" as "vestiges of human hands.
In particular the CPS stand-alone recuperator and combustion designs are of interest to Capstone as we look to provide lower cost, smaller footprint, low emission solutions in the hybrid electrical vehicle markets," added Gilbreth.
The cannon tube will fall out-of-battery if the recuperator is low on nitrogen or the stowage/stop gun tube--also known as run back stop--is not in place.
A stationary microturbine power plant is an integrated system comprising a gas turbine engine, a combustor, a recuperator or regenerator, a generator or alternator, and an associated balance of plant components that convert a fuel into electricity and thermal energy.
As the heat transfer is much slower than mass transfer (Budzianowski, 2005a) the recuperator used must be larger in volume than the converter to increase the residence time of hot gases.
Intentia sa a fost probabil aceea de a se erija in "finalizator al tranzitiei si recuperator al idealurilor nobile ale tranzitiei" (29).
The South African GT-7, which is offered in the Rooikat 4 x 4 reconnaissance vehicle, features a different approach: a hydro-pneumatic recuperator with a liquid accumulator and a barrel sleeve of different diameters on either side of the recoil piston.
In the hybrid hydraulic, the energy is stored in a hydraulic recuperator.
Capstone, the only microturbine company on the list, "has addressed a key business risk by acquiring recuperator core manufacturing operations from CAT/Solar," Merrill Lynch wrote in November.
A new cast aluminum oil recuperator with a nonrevolving internal support bushing has replaced the former, revolving support unit and recuperator.
The Recuperator is Aqualyng's patented energy saving device which allows recycling up to 98.