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An apparatus in which heat is conducted from the combustion products to incoming cooler air through a system of thin-walled ducts.



a surface heat exchanger for recovering the heat of waste gases, in which the heat exchange between the fluids occurs continuously through a wall. In contradistinction to a regenerator, the paths of the fluids do not change.

On the basis of the relative motion of the fluids, recuperators can be classified as counterfiow or parallel-flow. According to design they can be classified as tube, film cooler, thermo-sy-phon, or other type and according to use as preheaters of air, gases, or liquids, evaporative coolers, condensers, and so forth.

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Figure 2b shows the microturbine (right), the heat recuperator (center), and the water storage tank (left), from which hot water is pumped to activate the microturbine.
According to the features of Brayton cycle coupled reactor applications, the transient analysis code should possess the ability to simulate reactor core, precooler, recuperator, and turbomachinery including compressor, gas turbine and rotating shaft model.
The temperature difference and effectiveness are frequently used for recuperator model.
The recuperator is not considered in the current configuration.
5-6 Exhaust and heat recovery in the recuperator, recovering exhaust energy to the pre-combustion charge air.
Analyze of heat exchanger is similar to recuperator which requires the effect coefficient and energy conservation equations, can be written as follows:
In addition, the MG74 barrel recuperator spring assembly could not be installed in the MG42 receiver.
Recuperator force could be expressed as follows in a recoil process:
Second, to reduce the cooling load of the condenser, a recuperator (liquid-gas heat exchagner) is usually necessary to cool the superheated vapor to saturated state, which increases the system complexity and cost.
The barrel recuperator spring assembly, required as a consequence of the gun's short recoil method of operation, is located inside the receiver on the lower left side.
To further increase the unit efficiency, the static crossed flow recuperator features a dedicated by-pass damper that is particularly useful with mild weather.