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expulsion of the products of conception before the embryo or fetus is viable. Any interruption of human pregnancy prior to the 28th week is known as abortion. The term spontaneous abortion, or miscarriage, is used to signify delivery of a nonviable embryo or fetus due
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What does it mean when you dream about a miscarriage?

Expectant parents often have dreams about miscarriages. This is almost always a symbol of their anxiety about the baby rather than a prediction that the baby will be miscarried. Miscarriages are also potent symbols of projects or business deals that have gone wrong. (Also see Baby, Embryo, Pregnant).




1. Med spontaneous expulsion of a fetus from the womb, esp prior to the 20th week of pregnancy
2. Brit the failure of freight to reach its destination
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4) Normal (n: 100) AA 36 19 4 59 (59) Maternal AC 26 6 0 32 (32) CC 8 1 * 0 9 (9) AA 25 28 3 56 (56) Paternal AC 18 14 0 32 (32) CC 9 3 * 0 12 (12) * Rare combination of A1298C and C677T SNPs including homo/hetero- or hetero/homo -zygotes; RM: recurrent miscarriage Table 2.
Ruth Bender Atik, national director of the Miscarriage Association, said: "The feelings of grief experienced when they miscarry undoubtedly deepen when they experience recurrent miscarriages.
EXPERTS believe they have uncovered a key reason why some women have recurrent miscarriages.
Preimplantation diagnosis and embryo selection is a possible way to reduce recurrent miscarriage if a partner has a balanced translocation.
However, a multicenter randomized placebo-controlled trial confirmed the statement that application of IVIG in patients with recurrent miscarriages showed no significant beneficial effects (64).
Other causes were anovulation (23%); advanced maternal age or premature ovarian failure (22%); polycystic ovarian disease (19%); endometriosis (13%); and recurrent miscarriage (12%).
A When a miscarriage occurs three or more times in a row it is known as recurrent miscarriage.
But some face the desperate sadness of repeated miscarriages and some find that they experience the dual problem of sub-fertility and recurrent miscarriage.
Obstetricians and gynecologists, reproductive specialists, nutritionists, and others from Europe, the US, Asia, Australia, and Israel discuss the obesity epidemic, social and ethnic determinants, the genetic, molecular, and psychological bases, and obesity in adolescence; reproductive aspects like contraception, sexual health, polycystic ovary syndrome and infertility, recurrent miscarriage, and assisted reproduction; and male reproduction and sexual dysfunction, impacts on semen quality, and bariatric surgery.
When poorer embryos are allowed to implant, they may last long enough in cases of recurrent miscarriage to give a positive pregnancy test," he added.
Research into the causes of recurrent miscarriage is ongoing and is dealt with by very experienced specialist clinics.
trachomatis and spontaneous (13-16) or recurrent miscarriage (17,18).

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