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Netflix began producing original films and programs in 2006 under its own Red Envelope Entertainment trademark.
A Red Envelope Entertainment presentation of an Entendre Films production, in association with @radical.
This release marks the first ever "day and date" release of a Red Envelope Entertainment film both outside and inside the home, giving audiences the opportunity to see the film for free at grassroots screening events across the country and even host their own screenings.
As the NFL season is in the midst of the 2008 playoffs, we are pleased to make TWO DAYS IN APRIL available via Netflix in a unique release anchored by a series of innovative nationwide grassroots screening events developed and managed by B-Side concurrent with DVD rental and instant viewing for more than seven million Netflix subscribers," said Liesl Copland, Head of Red Envelope Entertainment.
Offering multiple viewpoints on the mass phenomenon, docu seems tailor-made for Netflix distrib Red Envelope Entertainment.
A First Run Features release of a Red Envelope Entertainment presentation in association with Soze Prods.
Pic will be released this summer through sports cabler ESPN, Netflix's Red Envelope Entertainment and theatrical distrib Liberation Entertainment.
One surprisingly aggressive player at Sundance this year was online DVD renter Netflix, which entered into the bidding for several key films through its Red Envelope Entertainment subsidiary, often in partnership with a theatrical distributor.
A Red Envelope Entertainment release of a Diamond Lane Films production.
A Strand Releasing, Red Envelope Entertainment release (in U.
A Red Envelope Entertainment release of a Pepper & Bones Films production.
New distribs like Netflix's Red Envelope Entertainment compensate for the drawbacks, execs say.