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In 2001, three boy scouts were charged in juvenile court for engaging in the same problem Red Fleet State Park faces today: Tossing dinosaur footprints into its reservoir, the New York Times reported at the time.
"These tracks are an important part of what makes Red Fleet State Park such a beautiful and special place.
In an example of how someone can do something very problematic and even illegal without having any intention or even realization of wrongdoing, some tourists to Red Fleet State Park in Utah have been dislodging ancient dinosaur footprints and throwing them into the park's reservoir.
Please, do not throw any rocks in the dinosaur track area at Red Fleet State Park. Help us keep the area preserved and beautiful for visitors both tomorrow and for generations to come," the park said in ( the statement.
The dinosaur remains don't stop at the national monument; track over to Red Fleet State Park located 11 miles out of town and hike the Dinosaur Trackway.
Also enjoy water sports at Red Fleet State Park and Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area.