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see marsh antelopemarsh antelope,
name for members of a group of deerlike African antelopes, usually found in reeds or tall grasses near water. The males of this group have horns that curve back, up, and forward; females are hornless. Most marsh antelopes travel in small herds.
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Elsewhere in the park, there are 18 baby meerkats, 13 red lechwe antelope fawns, 11 bison calves, six elanS S d antelope calves and six baby baboons.
This year's new arrivals included more baboons, wallabies, bison, ankole cattle, red lechwe and eland antelope and Pere David's deer.
Among them are fallowdeer, rhea, hunting dogs, tigers, lions, axis deer, emu, wallabies, blackbuck, nilgai, Pere David's deer, forest buffalo, bongo, oryx, wildebeest, cape buffalo, ankole cattle, baboons, zebras, camels, guanaco, bison, eland, white rhino, ostrich, red lechwe, sitatunga, giraffe, meerkats, otters, and Red River hogs.
Visitors can also see a baby camel, bison calves, baby ankole cattle, red lechwe antelope fawns and eland antelope calves.