Red River Rebellion

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Red River Rebellion:

see Riel, LouisRiel, Louis
, 1844–85, Canadian insurgent, leader of two rebellions, b. Manitoba, of French and Métis parentage. In 1869–70 he led the rebels of the Red River settlements, mainly Métis (people of mixed European–indigenous descent) and indigenous
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Red River Resistance (A Girl Called Echo, Volume 2)
His first foray into historical writing, a serialized history of the Red River colony, was cut short by the outbreak of the Red River Resistance, while his larger history was apparently incomplete at his death in 1878.
is a sufficient guarantee for its accuracy and reliability, and by giving it in continuous weekly parts, we will be able to present to the reader a vivid impression of the causes which led to the creation of the Red River Colony; and the chances that preserved it from being destroyed by the warring elements which surrounded it." (52) This history was cut short by the seizure of The Nor'Wester's printing press by insurgents during the Red River Resistance in the fall of 1869.
His doctoral dissertation was a political discourse analysis of the Red River Resistance. reasoning," (12) Flanagan relied on a statement made by Ritchot before the Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia that the "Half-Breed title, on the score of Indian blood, is not quite certain.
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The Archives of Manitoba holds a variety of records documenting the Red River Settlement, the Red River Resistance and the establishment of the province of Manitoba.
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It should be noted, however, that the Red River Resistance of 1869-70 was acknowledged as neither an uprising nor a rebellion by Canadian Prime Minister J.
The collected essays span almost the entire history of the Prairie Forum, from Doug Owram's 1978 article on the Red River Resistance (vol.
The image of the execution of Thomas Scott and other visual representations of the Red River resistance published in the Canadian Illustrated News were among the earliest images of Western Canada prepared for mass production and circulation across the country.
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We learn much about Tache; we learn even more about a multitude of events, from the Red River Resistance and the Amnesty Question to the Manitoba School Question.

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