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any species of the genus Agrostis of the family Poaceae (grass family), chiefly slender, delicate plants native to cool climates. Many are used for forage or lawns. Important species naturalized from Europe include the creeping bent (A.
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Red Top was formed in 2002 to service the highly specialised information security and business risk consultancy areas, providing permanent, contract and "ad hoc" candidates, including those that are SC and DV cleared, into a variety of security roles for the public and private sectors.
The commitments include $7 million for planned upgrades to the I-80/I-680/State Route 12 interchange in Cordelia, plus $15 million to advance the construction of carpool/Express Lanes along Interstate 80 between Air Base Parkway and Interstate 505, and to convert to Express Lanes the existing carpool lanes between Red Top Road and Air Base Parkway.
DEAR Mr Milkman, can you please let me know why there is no red top milk available in Manama 326/Adliya on Saturday mornings?
She was wearing blue jeans, a long sleeved red top, black scarf and high heels when she went missing on Tuesday.
The driver was a white woman with brown hair that had blonde streaks in it and she wore round glasses, a brown jacket and a red top.
Conway's Red Top family restaurant of Colorado Springs boasts arguably the state's biggest hamburger--and the leanest slogan:
PB, 19747 Red Top Road, Caldwell, ID 83607; (208) 455-1996; www.
Karly was wearing a purple coat with a white fur collar and cuffs, a red top with a lace panel on the front, jeans and white Nike trainers with a red tick.
Check out the trails at Red Top Mountain, which is less than an hour's drive from downtown Atlanta.
The boy is described as blonde, and wearing a red top and blue jeans.
When last seen, she was wearing blue tracksuit bottoms, black sandals, black leather jacket and a pink and red top.
Red top, pounds 64; gold scarf, pounds 12; rose print bag, pounds 38; all from Urban Outfitters.