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To edit sensitive documents before release to the public. With today's heightened awareness of the legal implications of exposing information, it is common to redact even email messages before sending them.
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a variant text of a literary work resulting from the work’s revision by its author or some other person. The changes made generally result from the author’s creative quest. For example, A. N. Tolstoy’s novel The Sisters has three redactions (1922, 1925. and 1943).

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Les memes questions se posent dans d'autres redactions a travers le monde.
Il est d'autant plus important d'examiner cette question aupres des etudiants en debut de programme puisqu'ils eprouvent souvent plus de difficultes avec les normes de redaction et de citation comparativement aux etudiants plus avances (Owens & White, 2013 ; Perry, 2010).
In addition to the added convenience and the cost savings of having OCR and Redaction as features within the NextStar PLUS Software Suite, the newest software release has added many time saving features such as; built-in Indexing, off-site auditing, definable workflow processing and barcode reading and creation for production tracking.
* Redaction. The system should have electronic redaction tools that allow for multiple review layers, review comparisons, and pixel-to-pixel replacement to securely sanitize responsive records.
Fie argues that this state of affairs reflects a time in the redaction of these two works when they underwent a process of expansion and harmonization with the Torah.
--Senate Intelligence Committee member Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.) in response to heavy redaction in a CIA torture report, The Hill, August 4
The redaction feature is user-specific--we can set different security levels on redactions to control who can and can't see the information.
It is the visual aspects--images and formatting--that Starkey uses to further her argument that the 1340 redaction (Gotha Memb.
Mustafa El Khalfi a preside, vendredi a Rabat, la ceremonie d'installation du Conseil de la redaction de l'Agence Maghreb Arabe Presse (MAP), nouvellement cree en vue de consacrer les normes du professionnalisme et de faire valoir les principes de gouvernance au sein de l'Agence.
I was pleased to see the balanced article by my former student, Amy MacInnis, on the subject of redaction criticism.