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Redcaps were malevolent spirits found in the lowlands of Scotland (now part of the United Kingdom). They haunted abandoned sites, especially places where violent deeds had been committed. Their connection to vampirism seems to have come from their carrying a cap that had been dyed red with human blood. At every opportunity the redcap would re-dye the cap in blood.


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The lightly-armed Redcaps had been sent into the hostile town without adequate radio equipment, they say.
The redcaps, all serving with 156 Provost Company, were manning a small police station in the town of Al Majar Al Kabir, 120 miles north of Basra, when they were attacked on June 24 last year.
THE father of a North Wales soldier murdered in Iraq is seeking legal advice after a former serviceman accused him of ``whingeing and moaning'' over the Redcap's death.
Meanwhile Tony Blair has pledged to help bring the killers of Tom Keys to justice, calming fears that the mob that slaughtered the Redcap would be granted an amnesty, following the transfer of sovereignty in Iraq.
Tom suffered over 30 wounds in the shooting, which was shrouded in controversy, after it was revealed that soldiers from the Parachute Regiment reached an agreement to stay out of trouble spots on the day the Redcaps died.
He said he would now focus his energy on pursuing the senior officers who, he claims, put the Redcaps in such a dangerous situation.
THE mother of murdered Redcap Thomas Keys last night spoke of the ``waste'' of her son's life on the first anniversary of his death in Iraq.
The relatives want to know why the Redcaps had to give up weapons and ammunition, why they did not have radios that would have allowed them to summon help and why they were not warned that they were going into a danger area.
The MoD has been forced to retract a claim the six Redcaps had not told their base they were going to visit the police station.
And that includes tracking down the killers of the redcaps.
Last night, Tom's mum Sally Keys said they remained angry they had not been told exactly what happened to the Redcaps.
Paul, who would have been 25 tomorrow, was one of six redcaps killed near Basra on June 24.