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Redcaps were malevolent spirits found in the lowlands of Scotland (now part of the United Kingdom). They haunted abandoned sites, especially places where violent deeds had been committed. Their connection to vampirism seems to have come from their carrying a cap that had been dyed red with human blood. At every opportunity the redcap would re-dye the cap in blood.


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Responsibility for investigating the deaths of six Redcaps, including 20-year-old Tom Keys, has been handed to the Central Criminal Court of Iraq (CCCI) by the Ministry of Defence.
THE mother of murdered Redcap Thomas Keys last night spoke of the ``waste'' of her son's life on the first anniversary of his death in Iraq.
Mrs Keys said they had been told by the Army's Special Investigation's Branch (SIB) that on the day the Redcaps were murdered, there were two hours they can't account for.
Reg Keys,52, said the Redcaps were left with no chance against the mob.
You'll hear stories of pirates and mermaids, the red noses and the infamous Mother Redcaps.
Reg also has criticised the conduct of the Redcaps commanding officer, Lieut-Col Bryn Parry-Jones: "He left his men.
FAMILIES of four Redcaps slaughtered in Iraq in 2003 yesterday demanded a fresh inquest after new evidence.
Suzanne survived an assault by redcaps, an all-out battle with the High King's armies, and her first encounter with roller derby… but how will she fare against her inner demons?
ISN'T Maureen Messent overdoing it saying that the "mob" that killed the six redcaps during the US/UK invasion of Iraq in 2003 were "traitors to the Koran, gutter scum who have no place in a civilised society" (Mail, October 15)?
A SUSPECT has been arrested over the murder in Iraq of six Redcaps, one of whom was from North Wales.
A man has finally been arrested more than five years after two North East Redcaps were murdered along with four colleagues in Iraq.
The six Redcaps had been helping to train police when a gun battle broke out between locals and a unit from the Parachute Regiment.