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(invertebrate zoology)
A larva produced within the miracidial sporocyst of certain digenetic trematodes which may give rise to daughter rediae or to cercariae.
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one of the parthenogenetic generations of the digenetic flukes, or trematodes, which parasitizes an intermediate host (mollusks). The redia develops in the body cavity of the worm’s first parthenogenetic generation, the sporocyst. It in turn produces the cercaria, the larvae of the sexually mature flukes. Unlike the sporocyst, the redia has a mouth opening, a pharynx, an intestine, and a birth pore.

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The life cycle of Haplorchis pumilio was studied from redia to adult both under natural and experimental conditions.
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However, we saw only tailed cercariae, albeit the tails easily detached within redia. Lebour (1910) observed cercariae with and without tails within the same redia (and the tails were easily detached).
The miracidium, upon release from the egg, will infect a susceptible snail host and internally will continue to develop into sporocyst form, transforming into the redia where a mass of cercarial stages is enclosed.
The cercaria of Cotylurus (Cotylurus) lutzi encysts in ovotestis of molluscs or hyperparasitizes the redia or sporocysts of other trematodes, developing encysted metacercariae of the "tetracotyle" form (Yamaguti, 1975).
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The Fasciola larval stages sporocyst, redia, and cercaria are in division phases of F.
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