Redwood City

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Redwood City,

city (1990 pop. 66,072), seat of San Mateo co., W Calif., on San Francisco Bay; inc. 1868. Manufactures include commmunications, electrical, electronic, and medical equipment. There is also biotechnology research and development, and salt is harvested from the bay waters. The city's large chrysanthemum industry dates from 1900.
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And Redwood City CPA Michael O'Connor said that when he e-filed his own 2003 tax statement, the IRS website bounced it several times.
REDWOOD CITY, Cal.--the first platform in the trio of advanced video games slated to arrive this year got a firm date with Sega of America disclosing plans to launch its 32-bit CD-ROM-based Saturn game system on Sept.
Crandall of NeXT Computer Inc., in Redwood City, Calif., verified Fermat's last theorem for exponents up to 4 million.
To nominate a member, send a cover letter and the nominated member's resume to: Florence Rust; Chair, Awards & Recognition Committee; Attn: Lisa McTaggart; California Society of CPAs; 1235 Radio Road; Redwood City, CA 94065-1412; or fax, (650) 802-2661.
REDWOOD CITY, Cal.--Sega of America has signed Tiger Electronics to manufacture and market a line of electronic toys.
The extraterrestrial fullerenes showed up during a comprehensive analysis of debris in a dented piece of the Long-Duration Exposure Facility (LDEF), which orbited Earth for about five years, says Filippo Radicati di Brozolo, a chemist at Charles Evans & Associates in Redwood City, Calif.
To express your interest, send a letter of intent along with your professional and volunteer history to: Nominations Committee; 1235 Radio Road; Redwood City, CA 94065-1217.
Crandall, chief scientist at NeXT Computer, Inc., in Redwood City, Calif., who participated in verifying the new record.
"If no one challenges what they've done, we'll be stuck with a weakened standard," says Jim Bidzos, president of RSA Data Security, Inc., in Redwood City, Calif., which produces equipment and software based on a rival, proprietary digital signature and encryption method known as RSA.
The Institute will be located at CalCPA headquarters in Redwood City and meetings will occur in conjunction with CalCPA Board meetings.