Redwood County

Redwood County, Minnesota

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Redwood Falls, MN 56283
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In southwestern MN, northwest of Mankato; established Feb 6, 1862 from Brown County. Name Origin: For the Redwood River, which flows through it; from a Dakota phrase chan sha ayapi 'wood-red-on the river,' which may refer to the red bark taken from a shrub, which the Indians dried and mixed with smoking tobacco; the red cedar trees lining the banks; or spots of red paint found on trees, marking an ancient trail for a war party.

Area (sq mi):: 881.24 (land 879.73; water 1.51) Population per square mile: 18.20
Population 2005: 16,022 State rank: 56 Population change: 2000-20005 -4.70%; 1990-2000 -2.50% Population 2000: 16,815 (White 94.40%; Black or African American 0.10%; Hispanic or Latino 1.10%; Asian 0.30%; Other 4.60%). Foreign born: 0.70%. Median age: 39.50
Income 2000: per capita $18,903; median household $37,352; Population below poverty level: 7.70% Personal per capita income (2000-2003): $23,849-$25,029
Unemployment (2004): 4.50% Unemployment change (from 2000): 0.40% Median travel time to work: 16.40 minutes Working outside county of residence: 18.40%
Cities with population over 10,000: None
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For example, 30-y (1981-2010) mean annual precipitation ranged from 41.2 (Grant County, North Dakota) to 72.9 cm (Redwood County, Minnesota), and 30-y mean temperatures ranged from a winter low of -15.1[degrees]C (Grant County, North Dakota) to a summer high of 30.3[degrees]C (Perkins County, South Dakota; North Dakota Office of Climatology 2016).
When the tractor-trailer collided with the charter bus carrying high school students to a college campus tour in California's redwood county, the vehicles exploded into towering flames and billowing black smoke.
A total of 50 subjects (age = 59.8 [+ or -] 11.12 yrs), of which 27 were farmers (22 males, 5 females) and 23 were non-farmers (12 males, 11 females), were recruited from Redwood County, MN by way of poster and newspaper advertisements.
This study incorporates a small proportion of potential participants from the total farming population in Redwood County. The Farm Credit Bureau of Redwood Falls identified 982 operational farmers in Redwood County, making this the largest concentration of a farming population in Minnesota.
3-5: Farmfest, Redwood County, MN;
Paul and purchased approximately 13,000 acres of farm land in the state's Redwood County.
Shortly after the Redwood County Historical Society accepted ownership of the property, the Friends of Gilfillan was organized: A group of volunteers who take care of upkeep and maintenance, and provide tours during the warm months.
In addition to the rebuttable presumption of unfitness due to the prior terminations, the Redwood County District Court based its decision on palpable unfitness under the statute due to mental health and chemical dependency problems accompanying housing instability.<br />The mother's contention that she was ineffectively represented was based on her affidavit and that of appellate counsel, focused solely on the failure to offer at trialmedical records and testimony from supporting witnesses.
E., #201 Burnsville, MN 55337 952/894-8007, 800/827-8007, FAX: 952/894-8252 E-Mail: Web site: Attendance in 2004: 42,000 Number of exhibitors in 2004: 500+ 2005: Aug 2-4, Redwood County, MN 2006: Aug 1-3, Redwood County, MN

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