Stanley Forman Reed

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Reed, Stanley Forman,

1884–1980, associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (1938–57), b. Macon co., Ky. After receiving the B.A. degree from both Kentucky Wesleyan (1902) and Yale (1906), he studied law at the Univ. of Virginia and Columbia Univ. and then studied in France. A lawyer of Maysville, Ky., he became general counsel of the Federal Farm Board (1929–32) and of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation (1932–35). He was (1935–38) Solicitor General and presented the government arguments in numerous New Deal cases. Appointed to the Supreme Court by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Reed was generally considered a moderate there and often held the balance between the liberal and the conservative members of the court in split decisions.

Reed, Stanley Forman

(1884–1980) Supreme Court justice; born in Minerva, Ky. He served the Kentucky legislature (1912–16), and as general counsel to the Federal Farm Board (1929–32) and the Reconstruction Finance Corporation (1932–35). He was U.S. solicitor general (1935–38) when President Franklin D. Roosevelt named him to the U.S. Supreme Court (1938–57).