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Reed College,

at Portland, Oreg.; coeducational; inc. 1908, opened 1911 through a bequest from Mr. and Mrs. Simeon G. Reed. Reed is noted for its program of natural sciences and for its system of tutorial and small-conference instruction.
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This 9x10.25" history of Reed College is told through excerpts from interviews with about 100 Reed students, professors, administrators, and others associated with Reed between the 1920s and the present, taken from the Oral History Project Files in the Special Collections at the Reed College Library.
Reed College (Ore.) has saved $2,700 per vehicle per year by using electric cars for maintenance and other Facilities and Grounds department uses.
"The cognitive position on reward is unfortunately oversold these days," contends Allen Neuringer of Reed College in Portland, Ore.
A mile to the east, a recent graduate of Reed College died Wednesday in a collision with a tow truck.
Porter (English, Reed College, Portland, OR)) examines memoirs of adult children whose fathers led secret lives.
10th Ave.; free admission; as part of Oregon Humanities Conversation Project, Reed College professor Pancho Savery will lead the discussion on why the Second Amendment exists; 541-682-5450 or
Grinberg (Russian and humanities, Reed College) brings the life and work of this major figure out from the shadows of scholarly neglect.
College presidents, for their part, must balance the integrity of their academic community with the need to craft an image imposed by the 'ranksters.' As a result, what was once a rite of passage for American youth has become a high-stakes competition with too many players." This chapter, by Reed College (Ore.) Dean of Admissions Paul Marthers, looks at what he says is a deceptive, though too common, approach to "hooking" prospective students.
Elsewhere in the Northwest, The Evergreen State College in Olympia ranked third in the "Reefer Madness" category; Lewis & Clark College in Portland ranked 15th; and Reed College, also in Portland, ranked 17th.
Treating films including Leander Hauss/mann's controversial Sonnenalle (1999), Urang (visiting professor of German, Reed College, Portland, Oregon) explores the question of why in so many East German films and novels love trumps the crumbling political culture of the GDR.
As Reed College (Ore.) President Colin Dyer explained in a November Atlantic Monthly editorial, the "one-size-fits-all ranking schemes undermine the institutional diversity that characterizes American higher education."
That should provide some comfort to Reed College and Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon's most selective private schools, which ranked 1,219 and 1,076 respectively.