Reed College

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Reed College,

at Portland, Oreg.; coeducational; inc. 1908, opened 1911 through a bequest from Mr. and Mrs. Simeon G. Reed. Reed is noted for its program of natural sciences and for its system of tutorial and small-conference instruction.
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He was given an immediate vote of confidence by Craig Reedie, president of the British Olympic Association (BOA).
"As the international agency responsible for leading the collaborative, global, clean sport movement,WADA is calling on the sports movement to impose the strongest possible measures to protect clean sport for Rio 2016 and beyond," said Reedie, who is also an IOC vicepresident.
The IOC said the retests were carried out using "the very latest scientific analysis methods." World Anti-Doping Agency president Craig Reedie said the results showed the system of saving drug samples for later retesting works.
Sir Craig Reedie, the Scot who is Britain's most senior figure in Olympic sport, had said there was uncertainty over whether there would be time for an independent Scotland to be recognised ahead of the 2016 Olympics in Rio.
Currently athletes are tested using blood and urine samples but Sir Craig Reedie revealed that a six million-pound fund from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) could lead to new testing techniques to catch cheats, like a lock of hair.
Cabaret Voltaire welcomes Slam, Graeme Reedie and more.
BRITAIN'S senior IOC member Sir Craig Reedie has admitted that making the decision to drop wrestling from the 2020 Olympics was 'horrible'.
SIR CRAIG REEDIE has backed Sir Chris Hoy to stand for election to the IOC Athletes' Commission for the 2012 Olympics.
Meanwhile, British IOC member Craig Reedie said London had yet to finalise its 2012 relay, but the chaos now would influence the decision.
BRITISH IOC member Sir Craig Reedie believes the controversy caused by the Olympic torch relay protests has caused major discomfort to Games chiefs, but that the crisis is now past its critical point.
The Princess and Craig Reedie, chairman of the British Olympic Association, both voted but were "extremely unlikely" to say which city they backed as it was a secret ballot, the BOA said.
But the sport is unlikely to be dropped from the Games after IOC board member Sir Craig Reedie said: "Cycling's place in the Olympics is not currently on the agenda."