lawn mower

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lawn mower

a hand-operated or power-operated machine with rotary blades for cutting grass on lawns

Lawn Mower


a machine designed to mow lawns. There are manual mowers and mechanized mowers either of the reel type or with a rotating blade. The USSR produces mechanized mowers with a rotating blade because they are more productive and simpler in construction than the reel type and can cut down coarse grasses. A one-cylinder gasoline engine with 0.9 kV (1.25 hp) runs the mower. As the rotor turns, the hinged blades cut, fragment, and throw the grass through openings in the frame to the areas already mowed. A mower can mow 0.12 hectares per hour. One worker is needed to run a lawn mower.


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If your lawn is postage stamp-sized, then consider the human-powered reel mower or a cordless electric mower and skip the hassles associated with maintaining gas engines.
It is also easier to trim around trees and buildings with a rotary mower than with a reel mower.
If a lawn is mowed in both directions on the same day with a reel mower, an attractive checkerboard pattern develops.
There are several classes of mowers: sickle bar mowers, reel mowers, rotary mowers, and flail mowers.
Denny's friend Erv Troyer found a 1946 reel mower for him at a Ship-shewana, Indiana, auction.
I can mow the same area that I did with the old manual reel mower in half the time.
Reel mower A mower that has a rotating reel which cuts against a stationary bedknife.
On the contrary, if three criteria are met, the reel mower is actually easier to use than a power mower, is far more economical, gives a superior cut, and eliminates air and noise pollution.
Generally, the average price for a reel mower is less than $100 compared with $250 for motorized models.
An 8- or 10-inch plow was available for the All-Purpose, as were a 3-foot single disc-harrow, a 31-inch combination harrow-cultipacker, a power spraying outfit, a 3-unit reel mower that cut a 56-inch swath, and a 2-wheeled cart with a 2-1/2- by 5-foot wooden box.
The General Services Department of the San Diego Unified Port District has a requirement for the following by lots: Front Mounted Deck Mower, Ride-On Reel Mower and a Trailer Mounted Generator (new and unused goods) per specifications or District approved equal.