Reeve's Tale, The

Reeve’s Tale, The

Oswald the Reeve retaliates in kind to The Miller’s Tale. [Br. Lit.: Canterbury Tales in Benét, 919]
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In The Miller's Tale and The Reeve's Tale, the RSC literally plumb the depths of toilet humour with a series of juicy farts and an upturned barrel of human waste providing a successful slapstick element.
But in the Reeve's Tale, the fruitfulness of both milling and marrying is exploited by Symkyn's expansive greed.
The Canterbury Tales consists of the General Prologue, Knight's Tale, The, Miller's Tale, The, Reeve's Tale, The, Cook's Tale, The, Man of Law's Tale, The , Wife of Bath's Tale, The, Friar's Tale, The, Summoner's Tale, The, Clerk's Tale, The, Merchant's Tale, The, Squire's Tale, The, Franklin's Tale, The , Second Nun's Tale, The, THE CANON'S YEOMAN'S TALE, THE PHYSICIAN'S TALE, Pardoner's Tale, The , Shipman's Tale, The, Prioress's Tale, The, Tale of Sir Thopas, The, THE TALE OF MELIBEUS (in prose), Monk's Tale, The, Nun's Priest's Tale, The, Manciple's Tale, The, and Parson's Tale, The (in prose), and ends with "Chaucer's Retraction.