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(also disk refiner), in the pulp and paper industry, a device designed for continuous operation in grinding fibrous materials, principally cellulose. The fibrous mass is in the form of an aqueous suspension and enters the refiner intake between grinding disks. Grinding elements (blades) are located on the working surfaces of the disks. In refiners designed with two disks, only one disk may rotate or both may rotate in opposite directions; in refiners with three disks, only the center one rotates. The grinding elements are constructed of pig iron, steel, bronze, or ceramic or abrasive materials. The amount of fibrous matter in suspension varies from 2 to 30 percent by weight, depending on the type of refiner.

Refiners are produced with outputs up to 550 tons per 24 hours; their electric motors have power ratings up to 8 megawatts. Refiners are also used for preparing wood pulp from chips (seeDEFIBRATOR).


Ivanov, S. N. Tekhnologiia bumagi, 2nd ed. Moscow, 1970.
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