Reform party

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Reform party,

in Canada: see Canadian AllianceCanadian Alliance,
former Canadian political party that had its origins in the Reform party of Canada, which was founded in 1987 in Winnipeg, Man., as a W Canada–based conservative alternative to the Progressive Conservative party.
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Reform party,

in the United States, political party founded in 1995 by H. Ross PerotPerot, H. Ross
(Henry Ross Perot), 1930–, American business executive and political leader, b. Texarkana, Tex., grad. Annapolis, 1953. In 1957 he resigned his commission and became a salesman for IBM.
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 as an alternative to the Democratic and Republican parties. The Reform party's aims originally included mandating high ethical standards for the president and Congress, balancing the budget, enacting term limitsterm limits,
statutory limitations placed on the number of terms officeholders may serve. Focusing especially on members of the U.S. Congress, term limits became an important national political issue during the late 1980s and early 90s and have been vigorously debated.
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, enacting an equitable tax code, and achieving campaign finance and other electoral reforms. In 1996 the party nominated Perot for the presidency, with Patrick Choate as his running mate, but with 8% of the vote Perot did not fare as well as he had in 1992.

After Perot's defeat, the party lapsed into comparative obscurity. It revived with the first election of one of its candidates to a major office—ex–professional wrestler Jesse Ventura, who won the Minnesota governorship in 1998. Ventura became the party's de facto leader, but the Perot contingent continued to have a substantial influence on its policies and direction. The Perot faction was dealt a blow at the party's national convention in 1999 when the Ventura-backed candidate, John J. "Jack" Gargan, was elected chairman, but tensions between Perot and Ventura supporters led Ventura to resign from the party early in 2000 and resulted in Gargan's ouster as chairman. Tension continued into 2002, when several state parties broke their ties with the national party.

Although many of its members called the party centrist, its political ideology was not sharply defined by 1999, and a broad spectrum of candidates was considered for its 2000 presidential nomination. Patrick J. Buchanan, a strongly conservative polemicist and former Republican, captured much of the party's machine from the old guard aligned with Perot and secured the nomination. Buchanan chose African-American Ezola Foster as his running mate and moved the party to the extreme right on many issues. The Perot faction held their own convention and nominated John Hagelin for president, but Buchanan was recognized as the nominee by the Federal Election Commission. Both candidates fizzled at the polls, winning barely .5% of the vote combined. In 2004 the party endorsed independent presidential candidate Ralph NaderNader, Ralph
, 1934–, U.S. consumer advocate and political reformer, b. Winsted, Conn. Admitted to the bar in 1958, he practiced law in Connecticut and was a lecturer (1961–63) in history and government at the Univ. of Hartford.
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The agent of the Reform party looked at him with an odd and slightly puzzled expression, and before he could reply, Fisher went on in the same level tones:
I see," said Fisher, "and you, I think, are a pillar and ornament of the Reform party.
Riyadh: His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, and Prince Mohammad Bin Salman Bin Abdul Aziz, Saudi Crown Prince, Vice President of the Council of Ministers and Minister of Defence, on Wednesday met with Colonel Mohammad Abdullah Al Yidoumi, Chairman of the Yemeni Congregation for Reform Party.
Second, Estonian voters preferred to vote for stability: the biggest winners of these elections were two major old parties--the Centre Party and the Reform Party.
Luckily, the Reform Party has the character to push for the electoral reform that is so desperately needed, and it will be a privilege to carry the banner for them in that regard.
He earlier this year emerged from bankruptcy and set up the Reform Party.
Silvestro, who claims to have co-founded the Reform party (although no evidence of his involvement can be found in at least one early history of the party, Act of Faith: The Illustrated Chronicle of the Reform Party of Canada), says the response to his proposal has been positive.
Ellis (political science and history, Lethbridge Community College, Canada) chronologically examines the evolution of Canada's Reform Party from its founding in the late 1980s to its eventual decommissioning in 1999.
One can not help wondering whether the former Reform Party leader is writing from a defensive posture, providing rational justifications for complicated decisions and events that were likely characterized by uncertainty and indecision.
The difference between the actual Buchanan vote total in Palm Beach County and what would be predicted for Buchanan using various measures of Reform Party strength ranges from 2,527 to 2,719 votes.
She points to the quick rise and fall of the Reform Party as a lesson in how to squander post-election third party potential.
9 Reform Party presidential hopeful Pat Buchanan includes Schlessinger on his "short list" for vice president.