Refractory Period

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refractory period

[ri′frak·trē ‚pir·ē·əd]
A brief period of time following the stimulation of a nerve during which the nerve will not respond to a second stimulus.

Refractory Period


a brief period of disappearance or decrease in the excitability of nervous or muscle tissue. The refractory period begins immediately after the tissue’s reaction to a stimulus.

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Contingency tables were used to compare the sexual refractory period across 4 d of evaluation induced by males with varying sexual experiences.
In the meantime, a key preliminary finding is that the events we observed after replacing regular fluid with denucleated fluid (in Models C, D and E) are completely consistent with the same cavity formation and refractory period phenomena that is associated with the cracking of real synovial joints.
4) A code spectrum can be considered as a "signature" of its associated network by which some characteristics can be estimated, including the refractory period and weight distribution.
The release of prolactin is thought to be largely responsible for the post-orgasmic refractory period seen in men (Kruger et al.
The reproductive variables measured were, apart from male and female body weight, spermatophylax and ampulla weights for males, and duration of the refractory period, egg weight, and number and mass of eggs laid during the refractory period for females.
Over 60, and his refractory period may be as long as a week.
These arrhythmias were typically preceded by a brief period of bradycardia, followed by a period of atrial tachycardia or atrial flutter and a rapid fibrillation corresponding to shortening of the atrial refractory period, changes reminiscent of the data obtained during mediastinal nerve stimulation.
Atrial Preference Pacing is a function that supports a continuous atrial stimulation instead of a spontaneous atrial rhythm within a programmable maximum heart rate to prevent supraventricular tachyarrhythmias inhibiting the dispersion of atrial refractory period.
In what has come to be known as Ashman's phenomenon, because the refractory period after any QRS complex is proportional to the length of the preceding R-R interval, a premature impulse is most likely to find part of the conduction system refractory if its short R-R interval has been preceded by a long R-R interval.
A 24-hour ambulatory ECG recorded during the same admission also showed a striking transient increase in the P-R interval following a couplet of ventricular premature complexes (Figure 2), again suggesting the presence of dual A-V nodal pathways with the fast pathway having a longer refractory period than the slow pathway, as is usually the case.
1-3) One pathway conducts rapidly and has a relatively long refractory period.
Nugent noted that there is only a small, lucky percentage of men who have very short refractory periods and are able to get an erection and ejaculate again within minutes of their first ejaculation.

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