Refractory Period

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refractory period

[ri′frak·trē ‚pir·ē·əd]
A brief period of time following the stimulation of a nerve during which the nerve will not respond to a second stimulus.

Refractory Period


a brief period of disappearance or decrease in the excitability of nervous or muscle tissue. The refractory period begins immediately after the tissue’s reaction to a stimulus.

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Reconfiguration and the bottleneck: Does task switching affect the refractory period effect?
Contingency tables were used to compare the sexual refractory period across 4 d of evaluation induced by males with varying sexual experiences.
In the meantime, a key preliminary finding is that the events we observed after replacing regular fluid with denucleated fluid (in Models C, D and E) are completely consistent with the same cavity formation and refractory period phenomena that is associated with the cracking of real synovial joints.
(4) A code spectrum can be considered as a "signature" of its associated network by which some characteristics can be estimated, including the refractory period and weight distribution.
The post-orgasmic refractory period, which occurs in other animals, may also be mediated by the brain and nervous system.
AF = atrial fibrillation LA = left atrium, left atria or left atrial PV-LA = pulmonary vein-left atrium PV = pulmonary vein IV = intravenous injection SD = standard deviation CVTS = cervical vagal trunk stimulation HRA = high right atrium, high right atria or high right atrial LSPV = left superior pulmonary vein LAA = left atria appendage ERP= effective refractory period CV = conductionvilocity PV-LAJ = pulmonary vein-left atriumjunction [LSPV.sub.p] = proximal part of left superior pulmonary vein [LSPV.sub.m] = middle part of left superior pulmonary vein [LSPV.sub.d] = distal part of left superior pulmonary vein COV-ERP = coefficient of variation ERP S1 = basic drive stimuli S2 = single premature stimulus
Knisely says that understanding the virtual cathode and anode may allow researchers to find better ways to lengthen that refractory period.
Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome and atrial fibrillation: relation between refractory period of accessory pathway and ventricular rate during atrial fibrillation.
Males that provide larger spermatophores can increase the probability of fertilization either directly through sperm competition (Wedell 1991) or by increasing the duration of the female's refractory period. This function therefore predicts a positive correlation across taxa between spermatophore size (i.e., spermatophylax and ampulla weight) and the length of the refractory period.
Recent findings showed that AF induces atrial electrical remodeling, increases dispersion of atrial effective refractory period and decreases atrial conduction velocity.
Stoleru said that women do not have such a strong refractory period - which is a recovery phase when the body calms down.
Hawthorn strengthens the force of the heart muscle's contraction and lengthens the refractory period. As a result, cardiac output and blood flow increase.

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