Refrigerating System

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Refrigerating System


a set of equipment used to produce and maintain a temperature below the environmental temperature in spaces, objects, or substances to be cooled. A refrigerating system consists of one or more refrigerating machines and the auxiliary equipment required for the normal operation of the machines. The auxiliary equipment includes power-, water, and heat-supply systems, as well as regulating and control devices.

Refrigerating systems may be direct or indirect systems. A direct system provides a user with refrigeration by means of a liquefied or compressed refrigerant. An indirect system provides refrigeration by means of a secondary refrigerant.

According to their refrigerating capacities, refrigerating systems are classified as low-capacity (less than 30,000 kilocalories per hour [kcal/hr]), medium-capacity (30,000 to 500,000 kcal/hr), and high-capacity (more than 500,000 kcal/hr).

Refrigerating systems that use vapor-compression machines are located either in an enclosed space in the building where the user is situated or in a separate building called a refrigeration plant. Systems that use absorption or steam-jet machines are often installed outdoors.

Automation has been widely introduced in refrigerating systems. It is used primarily to maintain constant temperature conditions by varying the refrigerating capacity of a system.


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The objective of this research is the development of high efficiency, low-temperature transport refrigerating system with eutectic plate evaporator.
The complete refrigerating system is often prefabricated, so that installation time is minimal and we are more competitive abroad."
The beverage was cooled by a unique refrigerating system. "Kooler Keg" beer was always on tap.
In a first step, we teach national trainers refrigerating system maintenance according to the Montreal protocol, and include new ozone-friendly ideas in the curricula of the technical and vocational institutes.
It was a package refrigerating system similar to the DOMELRE, except that it was designed to go into the refrigerator from the side, and it featured a hermetically sealed compressor (Figure 3).
Over 90% of people in the exposed group fell into one of nine job classifications: petroleum, plastics, and rubber workers; painters, lacquerers, and furniture workers; engine mechanics; typographers and lithographers; leather workers; chemists; textile workers and weavers; farmers; or refrigerating system workers.
Ammonia also responds well to abuse; for example, it is amazingly tolerant of water in a refrigerating system and will carry on cooling even when the water content in the recirculated system is as high as 25%.
The patent describes refrigerating system, which is claimed to offer the refrigerant charge reduction of 80%.
For the assessment of the exergy losses in the component parts of the refrigerating system, it is needed Figure 1, where the notations indicate: [T.sub.c]--condensation temperature, To vaporization temperature, 2r--vapor state after adiabatic compression, 2ir--vapor state after irreversible compression.
By coincidence, a refrigerating system was developed in 1972 that allows the challenges of applying ammonia to small refrigerating systems to be overcome.

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