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An extensive, nearly level, low desert plain from which fine sand has been removed by wind, leaving a sheet of coarse, smoothly angular, wind-polished gravel and small stones lying on an alluvial soil, strongly cemented by mineralized solutions to form a broad desert pavement. Also known as gravel desert.
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Abbr. for “regular.”


1. On drawings, abbr. for register.
2. On drawings, abbr. for regulator.
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Said "Reg.A Money Show" co-host Ron Costa, "Reg.A service providers need to get in front of the leading Reg.A issuers.
Reg ordered rum rye, tonic; I note "Y.R." murdered Roger
In fact, Eccles says that around the anniversary of Reg FD, a program he was invited to speak at - to present his positive opinion on the rule - was cancelled.
According to the survey, 28% of the 577 respondents indicated that they are providing more information to investors as a result of Reg FD.
"Reg ordered no peso, no note-veto, no nose," pondered Roger.
Reg. [section] 1.1031(a)-2(c)(1) provides that an exchange of intangible personal property qualifies for non-recognition under section 1031 only if the exchanged intangible properties are of a like kind.
Reg. [section] 1-1503(d)-1(c) substitutes a reasonable cause standard whereby a taxpayer failing to make a required filing will be considered to have satisfied the timeliness requirement if the taxpayer can demonstrate--to the satisfaction of the Director of Field Operations (DFO)--that the failure was due to reasonable cause and not willful neglect.
Reg. [section] 1.263(a)-4 applies only to costs incurred to acquire any or to create some intangibles.
Reg. [section] 1.6011-4T(a), every taxpayer that participates directly or indirectly in a reportable transaction as defined in Temp.
Reg. 1.367(b)-3(c)(3) Election Where Foreign Corporation has E&P Deficit
Reg. [subsections] 1.863-8 and 1.863-9 govern SPOCI and ICI, respectively.