Regency style

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Regency style,

in English architecture, flourished during the regency and reign of George IV (1811–30) and was chiefly represented by the court architect John NashNash, John,
1752–1835, English architect; pupil of Sir Robert Taylor. After enjoying an extensive practice in Wales, he began to work c.1792 in London. His capacities were greatest in town planning, and he is chiefly known for his boldly planned development of the
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. The period is characterized by the diversity of the architectural styles of many countries and periods. For the prince regent, John Nash constructed at Brighton the Royal Pavilion (1815–22) in the Indian style; it included exotic furnishings. The preponderant trend, however, was neoclassical, as seen in the works of Sir John SoaneSoane, Sir John
, 1753–1837, English architect. After studying with George Dance, the younger, Soane won a fellowship to Rome. He toured Italy and returned in 1780 to begin his practice in England.
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 and George Dance II and in the rigid geometric order of Nash's design for Regent's Park in London. During this time stucco was often used on the exterior of buildings, and bay windows and balconies were in vogue. Furniture design was eclectic and showed the influence of Greek, Roman, Gothic, Egyptian, and Asian ornament.


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Regency style

A colorful Neoclassical style, often combined with oriental motifs prevalent in England during the reign of George IV, characterized by close imitation of ancient Greek and Roman, Gothic, and Egyptian forms.
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Regency style

The colorful neoclassic style, often combined with oriental motifs, prevalent in England between 1811 and 1830, during the Regency and reign of George IV. Later, very occasionally emulated in America as Regency Revival; often combined with oriental motifs.
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