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(chemical engineering)
Device or system used to return a system or a component of it to full strength in a chemical process; examples are a furnace to burn carbon from a catalyst, a tower to wash impurities from clay, and a flush system to clean off the surface of filter media.
A circuit that repeatedly supplies current to a display or memory device to prevent data from decaying.
(mechanical engineering)
A device used with hot-air engines and gas-burning furnaces which transfers heat from effluent gases to incoming air or gas.



in heat engineering, a device used to transfer heat by periodically bringing a heat-transfer agent into contact with the same surfaces of the device.

During contact with a hot heat-transfer agent, the walls of a regenerator are heated, and during contact with a cold heat-transfer agent, the walls are cooled, thereby heating the heat-transfer agent. Regenerators in which the heat-transfer agents are periodically reversed consist of several chambers filled with a checkerwork. Hot flue gases and air or gaseous fuel that are to be heated are introduced alternately into the chambers. In regenerators in which the heat-transfer agents are continuously being reversed, either the checkerwork alternately is brought into the sprinkling zone by the heat-transfer agents or the checkerwork is stationary and the air pipes placed within the gas chamber rotate.

Air is heated to 1000°-1200°C in regenerators in which heat-transfer agents are periodically reversed, while in regenerators in which there is a continuous reversal, air is heated to 400°C. The latter regenerators, however, are significantly more compact and economical.


Regenerativnye vrashchaiushchiesia vozdukhopodogrevateli. Leningrad, 1971.



(1) In communications, the same as a repeater.

(2) In electronics, a circuit that repeatedly supplies current to a memory or display device that continuously loses its charges or content.
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