Regional Agreements

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Regional Agreements


multilateral international agreements whose participants are states of a certain geographic region.

Regional agreements are concluded with respect to political, economic, military, scientific and technical, cultural, and legal matters. The possibility of concluding regional agreements is set forth in the UN Charter, which specially singles out those agreements that are aimed at maintaining international peace and security in the particular geographic region. Such agreements are usually concluded to resolve local disputes or carry out collective actions on the basis of the UN Charter. Corresponding regional organizations are formed on the basis of regional agreements, such as the Organization of African Unity.

The USSR is always ready to conclude regional agreements that serve to prevent aggression, provide for a stable peace and international security, and create a system of collective security in Europe, Asia, and elsewhere. The regional agreements of the socialist countries, such as the Warsaw Pact of 1955, have always been directed toward peaceful cooperation among equals and correspond completely to the principles of the UN Charter. The imperialist countries often conclude regional agreements and from them form organizations whose goals conflict with the UN Charter. In addition, there have been cases in international relations where the imperialist countries have violated the regional principle in establishing aggressive political blocs.

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Discussions also focused on the level of legislative activation of relevant international and regional agreements and partnerships, and the adequacy of national legislation in force in the field of maritime pollution, and the most important challenges in this area and the proposals of the Ministry to address them.
Stating that improved intra-regional connectivity was essential to promote economic relations, tourism and people-to-people contacts, he expressed the hope that the three regional agreements on Motor Vehicles, Railways and Air Services would be concluded soon.
The text would have the Assembly request the Conference on Disarmament to consider the formulation of principles that can serve as a framework for regional agreements on conventional arms control, and looks forward to a report of the Conference on this subject.
Al-Munayekh noted that the fight against terrorism requires concrete international efforts, stressing that promotion of a culture of tolerance and coexistence among peoples and nations The State of Kuwait, he pointed out, was keen to combat terrorism by ratifying majority of the relevant international conventions and regional agreements. --SPA 14:06 LOCAL TIME 11:06 GMT 0012
The State of Kuwait, he pointed out, was keen to combat terrorism by ratifying majority of the relevant international conventions and regional agreements. In this vein, Kuwait hosted a ministerial meeting of the International Alliance against the so-called Islamic State (IS) group on February 13 this year, with the participation of 70 countries and four international organizations.
Regional agreements announced today include in part: All Nippon Airways signed a contract for 36 landing gear exchanges for the 787.
The minister pointed out to the commodities exempted from the custom duties including sugar, oil, wheat, lentils, rice, beans, tea and children's milk powder as well as the capital goods such as tractors, water pumps, irrigation machineries, soil equipment, gold drilling machines, mills for different uses and production lines, referring to the goods exempted according to the regional agreements such as COMESA.
Nisar further said regional agreements are used for not only promoting trade and investment, but also strengthening domestic policy reforms.
My idea is to get universities, research bodies, local authorities, and the public and private sector to join regional agreements to help these countries develop as low-carbon economies.
*Compensation Claims Committee reflects Emir's keenness to protect rights of Qatari people *Crisis confirms Qatar's transparency and firm legal commitment *Qatar will take all legal steps to preserve its security, stability and the rights of its citizens and residents *Qatar respects bilateral and regional agreements and treaties
Shafik adds that regional agreements are emerging in trade and financial areas because of mistrust of global approaches, and that can create imbalances.

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