Regional Flora

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Regional Flora


the natural vegetation characterizing a corresponding flora zone (tundra, forest, steppe, desert). The most typical spots for regional flora are level, elevated, well-drained watershed plateaus (plakory). Usually the regional flora predominate over other (nonregional) types of vegetation. Only in some cases, for example, in broad, poorly drained depressions with isolated elevations or in places where there are sharp changes in moisture conditions due to the microtopography, is the regional flora weakly expressed or absent altogether.

The regional flora include a large number of plant formations and associations that succeed each other within the bounds of the region going from north to south and correspond to climate changes. (On this basis, greatly extended regions are divided into subregions.) Most of the lands formerly occupied by regional flora (mainly in the steppe and forest steppe) are now used for agriculture.

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The present results demonstrated that the Yigilca local honeybee colonies adapted to their local ecological conditions and regulated the brood production and population development according to regional flora.
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I hesitate to describe new Bromeliaceae which have a nebulous or unstable generic placement, but when they are already in cultivation and occur in a regional flora study site, it seems best to forge ahead.
The garden will host samples of regional flora mentioned in the Quran and medicinal plants, which have been used in the Islamic traditions and were cited by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

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