Regulating Devices of the State System of Industrial Instruments and

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Regulating Devices of the State System of Industrial Instruments and Automation


devices to hold constant or change, in accordance with a prescribed law, the parameters of machines, installations, and technological processes. Regulating devices are produced in lots by the instrumentation industry of the USSR. They generally include an amplifier of input signals coming from the measuring transducer (sensor), a null-indicator to compare the values of the regulated parameter with the assigned nominal value, a control-law driver, and a programmer for regulation according to an assigned program. They also generally include a converter for adaptive control, a unit to amplify output signals that act on the actuating mechanism of a regulating device with a control element, a power-supply system, and auxiliary devices. Particular functional elements may be absent, depending on the purpose and type of the regulating device.

In terms of design, regulating devices are built as individual blocks of standard dimensions with standardized mounting and connecting dimensions. Moreover, there must be standardization in the levels of input and output signals and in power sources. Standardized electronic, pneumatic, or fluid-jet modules—the functional elements—are placed in the blocks. The modules are assembled from standard semiconductor, membrane, and valve elements of electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic automation. The blocks are installed in standard cabinets, wall-mounted containers, and on consoles equipped with setting devices, keys and buttons for manual control, and signal and measuring indicators that show and record the values of the regulated parameters. Regulating devices also include the sensors of the regulated parameters and actuating mechanisms.

The regulating devices of the State System of Industrial Instruments and Automation include integrated systems for single-channel electric control, centralized (multichannel) electric monitoring and control, pneumatic monitoring and control, and fluid-jet control. Integrated regulating devices are used both as individual regulators and as part of automatic control systems for technological processes.


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