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, Ger. Reichenbach, town (1994 est. pop. 38,900), Dolnośląskie prov., SW Poland. It is a manufacturing center known for its textiles (especially woolens) and for its machine-building and electrical equipment industries.
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, Poland.


(rī`khənbäkh) or

Reichenbach im Vogtland

(ĭm fôkt`länt), city (1994 pop. 23,734), Saxony, E central Germany, at the foot of the Erzgebirge; chartered in the late 13th cent. Manufactures of this industrial city include textiles, machinery, and sugar.
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a city in the German Democratic Republic in the Karl-Marx-Stadt District, near the city of Zwickau in the region of Vogtland. Population, 27,800 (1973). Reichenbach has textile and machine-building industries.

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So rapidly does the brain act that I believe I had thought this all out before Professor Moriarty had reached the bottom of the Reichenbach Fall.
By the charming society whose leader lies in the Reichenbach Fall.
I don't think I have had the pleasure of seeing you since you favoured me with those attentions as I lay on the ledge above the Reichenbach Fall."
When we were in Switzerland he followed us with Moriarty, and it was undoubtedly he who gave me that evil five minutes on the Reichenbach ledge.
If I were a chemist, I would tell him that the aerolites, bodies evidently formed exteriorly of our terrestrial globe, have, upon analysis, revealed indisputable traces of carbon, a substance which owes its origin solely to organized beings, and which, according to the experiments of Reichenbach, must necessarily itself have been endued with animation.
We had strict injunctions, however, on no account to pass the falls of Reichenbach, which are about half-way up the hill, without making a small detour to see them.
For all my efforts two more had passed before I found myself at the fall of Reichenbach once more.
The inn stands in a CHARMANT spot close to the C^OTE DE LA RIVIE`RE, which, lower down, forms the Reichenbach fall, and embosomed in the richest of pine woods, while the fine form of the Wellhorn looking down upon it completes the enchanting BOPPLE.
The brand's general manager, Frank Reichenbach, humbly deflected the milestone victory to luck.
At Marco Polo Ortigas Manila, from the moment the attendants see you alight from the car and proceed to enter the lobby, experience is top of mind, general manager Frank Reichenbach says.
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