Reichenbach Conventions of 1813

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Reichenbach Conventions of 1813


secret agreements against Napoleonic France signed in Reichenbach (present-day Dzierżoniów, Poland).

(1) An Anglo-Prussian agreement concerning an alliance and British subsidies to Prussia for continuing the war against France. It was signed on June 14.

(2) An Anglo-Russian agreement concerning an alliance and British subsidies to Russia. It was signed on June 3(15).

(3) A treaty of alliance between Russia and Prussia on one side and Austria on the other. It was signed on June 15 (27).

The convention concluded the negotiations regarding Austria’s joining the sixth anti-French coalition. Austria pledged to enter the war against Napoleon I no later than July 8 (20), if the latter rejected the proposed peace conditions. Upon Austria’s insistence, the demands amounted to the partition of the Duchy of Warsaw between Russia, Prussia, and Austria, the transfer of Danzig to Prussia; the return of the Illyrian provinces to Austria; and the restoration of the independence of the Hanseatic cities of Hamburg and Lübeck. After fruitless negotiations with Napoleon, Austria, in fulfillment of the conditions of the agreement, declared war on France on July 29 (August 10).


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