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, Ger. Reichenberg, city (1991 pop. 101,967), N Czech Republic, in Bohemia, on the Lausitzer Neisse (Lužická Nisa) River and near the German and Polish borders.
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, Czech Republic.
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Traditionally, treatment planning is taught as being based on diagnosis or theory (Seligman, 1996; Seligman & Reichenberg, 2014; Wampold & Imel, 2015); however, in our sample of experienced counselors, decisions were based primarily on contextual factors (e.
This finding contradicts previously found research suggesting cohesion and conflict contribute to children's anxiety symptoms (Davies, Cummings, & Winter, 2004; Reichenberg & Broberg, 2005, 2005).
4 and 5 are Reichenberg equations used to investigate the type of adsorption process whether it is intra-particle or film diffusion.
Algunos clinicos lo han usado para evaluar atributos de personalidad, aunque no es un uso ampliamente reconocido (Hutt, 1969, 1985; Perticone, 1998; Raphael & Reichenberg, 1992).
While the cause of autism is still being explored, Hultman, Sandin, Levin, Lichtenstein, and Reichenberg (2011) examined the relationship between father's age and autism.
The recorded kinetic data were fitted to different equations namely, MorrisWeber, Lagergren and Reichenberg.
First, the term gifted negatively affects the child's social relations within their close environment (Cross, Coleman, & Stewart, 1993; Heller, 2004; Reichenberg & Landau, 2009).
2009; Freitag, Staal, Klanuck, Duketis, & Waltes, 2010; Gal, Abiri, Reichenberg, Gabis, & Gross, 2011; Gonzalez-Pardo & Perez Alvarez, 2013; Maenner & Durkin, 2010; Newschaffer et al.
Similarly, efforts have been increasing globally through the decades (Howe, 2006; Lazovsky & Reichenberg, 2006; Wong, et al.
As a chamber player, he has worked with artists of such renown as Rosemary Hardy, Martin Helmchen, Reto Reichenberg, Ivan Siller, the Bohuslav Martinu Quartet, Klara Kormendi, Milan Pala, Tuval Gotlibovitch, Robert Cohen, Premysl Vojta and Ewald Danel.
Avi Reichenberg of the Institute of Psychiatry at King's College London, who co-led the study, said the work showed for the first time "that your father's and grandfather's lifestyle choices can affect you.