Germany: see Bad ReichenhallBad Reichenhall
or Reichenhall,
town (1994 pop. 17,050), Bavaria, S central Germany, on the Saalach River, near the Austrian border. It is a year-round health resort. Salt has been mined there since Roman times.
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The point is: the Rio is an exceedingly important product in other markets, particularly Europe, and Hedrick notes that both the design (Peter Schreyer, Kia president and chief design officer, hails from Bad Reichenhall, Germany) and the engineering of the vehicle were predicated on European tastes/requirements/standards, which, Hedrick explains, creates a potent package compared with other B-class vehicles that are essentially developed for emerging markets.
He has a private practice in Bad Reichenhall, Germany, and is prostate cancer consultant at the Urologische Klinik Castringius, Planegg, Munich.
Por que no se ve, como en Reichenhall, que el agua salina enriquecida se cuela en el escurrido sobre pailas por embudo o incluso en cajas de lodo?
Wyndham Hotel Group recently opened eight properties in Germany, including a Wyndham Grand in Bad Reichenhall, Bavaria, through a partnership with management firm Grand City Hotels.
5) In November 1921, Brasol sent the US State Department a translated copy of the protocols of the Aufbausponsored "All-Russian Monarchial Convention" held at Bad Reichenhall, near Munich, earlier that year.
A German national, Kempf studied at the Steigenberger Hotelberufsfachschule, Bad Reichenhall and the [euro][umlaut]cole HoteliE re de Lausanne, and is fluent in English and German.
Schreyer was born in 1953 in Reichenhall, Bavaria, Germany, and began studying in 1975 at the Munich University of Applied Sciences.
Greta Hort [originally a lecture in 1928 for an institute of political science in Reichenhall and later delivered in Kiel at the Weltwirtschafliches Institut; published in Kampfum Israel (Berlin: Schocken Verlag, 1933), pp.
3]Based on our experience with the Radisson Blu Hotel Stralsund, we are convinced that this partnership will be to the full benefit of the hotel and the city of Bad Reichenhall as a tourist destination,[sup.
39) Actually the route terminated near Bad Reichenhall on the German side of the border (see Figure 4).
On January 2, the snow-covered roof of a skating rink collapsed in the German Alpine spa town of Bad Reichenhall, killing 15 people.