Rayleigh distribution

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Rayleigh distribution

[′rā·lē ‚dis·trə‚byü·shən]
A normal distribution of two uncorrelated variates with the same variance.

Rayleigh Distribution


The Rayleigh distribution of the probabilities of the random variable X is characterized by the probability density function

The distribution function is

The mathematical expectation is Rayleigh Distributionand the variance is DX = (4 - π)σ4/2. The maximum value of the density function is equal to Rayleigh Distributionand is reached when x= σ. Curves of the density function for various σ are shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

The Rayleigh distribution is encountered in applications of probability theory to, for example, radio engineering. The distribution was introduced by Lord Rayleigh in 1880 in connection with the problem of interference of harmonic oscillations with spiral phases.

Rayleigh distribution

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