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A second infection after recovery from an earlier infection with the same kind of organism.



a second infection of a human or animal with the pathogen of an infectious disease. Reinfection is distinguished from the exacerbation of a disease after an apparent recovery, which is important in determining the medical methods used at the source of an epidemic.

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found that men with genital human papillomavirus (HPV), the most common sexually transmitted infection, are at increased risk of reinfection with the same type.
Methods to confirm Ct continuous existence: Two out of three pathogen detections per month are positive, except for testing errors and reinfection.
Noninferiority for reinfection and death could not be shown because there were too few of these events.
Conversely, a positive repeat test could indicate reinfection with LGV or another chlamydia strain rather than treatment failure, leading to an underestimation of treatment efficacy.
The study was conducted in correctional facilities in an attempt to limit the possibility of reinfection, and to help improve the likelihood of adherence--both issues that have plagued previous studies.
Although the country was declared free from the disease last year, there is still the real risk of reinfection from the high number of cases found in nearby Pakistan.
The finding that 9% of individuals in the database were subsequently reinfected during the 10-year study period is similar to the findings from a 2007 study in Alberta, Canada, (17) as well as from a 2009 systematic review of reinfection rates among industrialized nations.
Propoints, a joint project by DRFP Ltd and Endo Technologies, are 'self-sealing' obturation points, designed for use in dental root canal treatment to replace existing materials and some techniques, which can cause damage to the tooth and increase the chances of reinfection.
Researchers working with Amsterdam's MSM Observational Study of Acute Infection With Hepatitis C (MOSAIC) charted HCV reinfection in 51 HIV-positive MSM with sexually acquired HCV.
By integrating de-worming components into our School Health and Nutrition programmes, we not only reduce worm loads, but also prevent reinfection and improve student enrolment and learning outcomes, helping us in our mission to provide children with access to quality primary education.
Last year, polio workers were targeted for assassination in all three of the countries where polio is endemic (although responsibility was never claimed by any group, many suspect that radical Islamists were involved), and in 2003, a rumour spread that vaccination was a Western plot to sterilise Muslim children, leading to a 13-month hiatus in vaccinations and reinfection in 20 countries.