Rekemchuk, Aleksandr Evseevich

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Rekemchuk, Aleksandr Evseevich


Born Dec. 25, 1927, in Odessa. Soviet Russian writer. Member of the CPSU since 1948.

Rekemchuk graduated from the M. Gorky Institute of Literature in 1952. He has worked as a journalist in the Komi Autonomous Republic. His works reflect his familiarity with the life of the North. The Cold Hard Frost (1956) and The Shore (1958) are two of his collections of short stories and essays. His novellas include Everything Lies Ahead (1957), The Time of Summer Vacations (1959; screenplay for the film of the same name, 1960), and Young and Green (1961; screenplay for the film of the same name, 1962).

Rekemchuk concentrates on character development and on the theme of responsibility toward an assigned task. His style is versatile and can be narrative, humorous, or lyrical. The novella Comrade Hans (1965, screenplay for the film They Will Not Pass, 1965) deals with the international solidarity of antifascists. The novel The Barren Mainland (1968) continues the author’s Northern cycle.

Rekemchuk’s books have been translated into some of the languages of the USSR and some foreign languages.


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