relational operator

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relational operator

[ri′lā·shən·əl ′äp·ə‚rād·ər]
(computer science)
An operator that indicates whether one quantity is equal to, greater than, or less than another.

relational operator

A symbol that specifies a comparison between two values. See also ampersand codes.

Relational Operator             Symbol

 EQ   Equal to                   =

 NE   Not equal to        <> or  #  or !=

 GT   Greater than               >

 GE   Greater than or equal to   >=

 LT   Less than                  <

 LE   Less than or equal to      <=
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So far, the reason has been clarified, why the relational expression between [gamma] and [beta] does not involve [K.sub.f].
Condition mutation operator, namely, relational operator reference fault operator (RRF), can convert the relational operator in a simple relational expression to reverse operator.
The man, limited in relational expression, feels threatened, inadequate, and criticized, so he withdraws.
A paradox only arises when taking the two argument relational expression on the left (with the two arguments identified the same) to be equivalent to a single-subject with constant predicate expression, as when there was just '[lambda]y([there exists]P)(y = [lambda]tPt.[logical not])[lambda]tPt[y])[x]' on the right.
(6) distinguish between the main and the secondary relational expression in (i), a distinction that is determined by the structures established by the relational expressions.
The attribute extension operators allow us to extend a relational expression E with a new attribute; this approach is used for aggregate functions and for modification operations.
The most common logical form assigned to such sentences focuses on the unit "believes" and construes it as a predicate, a relational expression, standing for a relation between at least two objects, John and the proposition that Ortcutt is a spy.
But the structural description "Manchester is north of London" contains a part - the relational expression "is north of" -that does not represent a part of Britain, but explicitly represents a relation between some of its parts.
He then asserts, "The individual becomes a person ever and again through the other, in the moment." [12] Bonhoeffer's experience in Harlem helped him translate the heavenly categories of transcendence into relational expressions of worldly holiness.
Both approaches suffer from the fact that the result coincides with the underlying theory for simple relational expressions only.
The nodes are defined using standard SQL (i.e., flat) queries, and can therefore consist of any sets of rows derivable from the database using relational expressions. Relationships are predicates which, given an element from the parent nokde, select zero or more elements from the child node.
Not surprisingly, their reason is derived from the nature of relational discourse: relational statements, we are told, or a certain subset of them (namely, those containing asymmetrical relational expressions) cannot be reduced to statements of any other type.

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